what pants does the Black Hoodie match?

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the Black Hoodie is a good color and style to match. The Hoodie is an essential dress in the wardrobe of young people now, and it is easy to match. So what pants does the Black Hoodie match better

what pants does the black Hooded Sweater match

match 1: Black Hooded Sweater + military green overalls

overalls are very loose and handsome pants. Military green overalls match a black hooded sweater, which is fashionable, personalized and handsome

collocation 2: Black Hooded Sweater + black leg closing sweatpants

sweatpants can be divided into wide legs and closed legs. Black leg closing sweatpants are very thin and versatile. Matching with a black hooded sweater, they are thin and comfortable

collocation 3: Black Hooded Sweater + 9-point slim fitting jeans

9-point slim fitting jeans are very leg shaped, and can be well matched with clothes. It is fashionable and handsome to match a black hooded sweater

sweater fabric

polyester: this fabric has poor air permeability and is easy to form static electricity. It is difficult to wear. Some manufacturers also use chemical fiber raw materials in order to save costs, which has lost the functions of cold protection, warmth preservation and air permeability of the sweater

pure cotton: the best fabric choice for the clothes is pure cotton, among which Xinjiang cotton is the best domestic cotton. Xinjiang long staple cotton has high flexibility and good quality of chemical fibers. In addition to combing, shorter cotton fibers are combed and magazines in the cotton material are removed to produce smooth cotton yarn, making the cotton yarn more flexible and not easy to stick and pilling

? blended spinning: blended spinning is a kind of textile made by mixing natural fiber and synthetic fiber according to the corresponding proportion. Its advantage is that it not only digests the advantages of cotton, hemp, silk, wool and chemical fiber, but also prevents their own defects as much as possible. It is also of high quality, low price and high cost performance

what kind of fabric will not pilling

cotton fabric is not easy to pilling, and chemical fiber fabric is easy to pilling, because chemical fiber fabric is composed of filament, or is mixed with chemical fiber short filament and other fibers, which is more likely to generate static electricity, which will lead to entanglement between fibers and produce balls

the black hooded sweater is matched with the military green overalls. The military green overalls are matched with a black hooded sweater, which is fashionable, personalized and handsome. The black hooded sweater is matched with the black leg closing sweatpants. The overall black matching makes it slim, handsome and fashionable

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