How To Choose Baby Thermal Underwear? How To Wash Baby Thermal Underwear

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Abstract: in the cold weather, many parents will wear warm underwear for their babies. So, how to choose baby thermal underwear? How to wash baby thermal underwear? In fact, it is important to buy baby thermal underwear for safety and comfort, so it is best to buy pure and light colored underwear, and the fabric should be breathable and non irritating. The washing of baby’s thermal underwear is different from that of adults. It needs to be specially cleaned to avoid washing with adults’ clothes. In addition, you should use a special lotion and rinse it thoroughly after washing. Now let’s take a look at the relevant knowledge of how to choose baby thermal underwear and how to wash baby thermal underwear

I. how to choose baby thermal underwear

How to choose baby thermal underwear? Mainly focus on three points:

1. Choose light colored underwear

Of course, the baby’s underwear is not the whiter the better, slightly yellow is better. When shopping for printed underwear, you should also pay attention to that the printing paste is all chemical substances. Although it is an environmentally friendly material, it may not be completely safe. Therefore, mothers cannot buy underwear with various patterns for their babies in order to look good

2. Choose underwear with soft texture, good permeability and strong moisture absorption

Baby underwear should choose cotton fabrics with soft texture, good permeability and strong moisture absorption. Chemical fiber fabrics are irritating to baby’s skin and easy to cause dermatitis, itching and other symptoms. Therefore, when choosing clothes, try to choose good fabrics, some high-end fabrics, such as pure cotton and 100% combed cotton. What material is good for baby underwear

3. Choose loose underwear with elastic design

When choosing underwear, you should consider shrinkage. Pay attention to choosing underwear with low shrinkage and loose style, but the size need not be too large, otherwise it will affect the baby’s physical activities. Also pay attention to the cuffs and necklines of underwear. The elastic design is very necessary to make the baby wear easily. Many underwear adopt special cutting and sewing technology in the collar, armpit and crotch, which is suitable for wearing, making the lively baby feel more comfortable! Children’s underwear size chart

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II. How to wash baby thermal underwear

1. Wash it when you buy it

No matter whether there are chemicals left in the baby’s underwear you buy, you should wash it in the water before putting it on your baby. Because after washing, the residue of some chemicals will be reduced. At the same time, it can also remove some bacteria and dirt brought by the production and sale process, which can better ensure hygiene and protect the baby’s skin health

2. Wash with special detergent

In order to keep your baby healthy, you should not only buy a good baby clothes for your baby, but also be careless in washing. Underwear directly contacts baby’s delicate skin, while washing powder, soap, etc. are relatively alkaline, so they are not suitable for washing baby’s clothes. They should be washed with washing liquid specially designed for baby. These washing liquids have special effects on milk stains that often appear on babies. They have strong decontamination power, and are not irritating to the skin. They are generally environment-friendly products without phosphorus, aluminum, alkali and fluorescent agents. Even if there is no special detergent, you must choose pure neutral detergent (or detergent) without fluorescent agent, and wash the clothes of adults and babies separately. How to clean children’s underwear correctly

3. Baby clothes also need maintenance

The baby grows up very fast. Generally, the baby clothes can’t be worn for a long time, but we must also make the baby wear healthy and comfortable, so the baby clothes also need maintenance. If you want to maintain your baby’s clothes, mothers should deal with them according to the washing and ironing method on the product logo, so that your baby’s underwear can be durable and not easy to fuzz

4. Wash clothes separately from adults

Because the baby has poor resistance, clothes must be washed separately. Otherwise, it is easy to stain, and it may also infect the baby’s clothes with bacteria

The above is the introduction of how to clean baby thermal underwear. Do you remember it

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