How To Wash A Suit What Are The Precautions For Cleaning A Suit How To Maintain A Suit

Abstract: a suit is a necessary clothing for business men. Whether it is for work or entertainment, wearing a suit is always prudent. The suit should be cleaned and maintained after long wearing, otherwise it is easy to damage the suit and affect its service life. The washing methods of suits made of different materials are different. Generally speaking, they can be roughly divided into dry cleaning and water cleaning. Generally speaking, there are few stains suitable for dry cleaning, and more stains suitable for water cleaning. Next, let’s learn about them with Xiaobian< p> how to wash suits

1. Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning suits is the most correct way to wash. Dry cleaning is mainly suitable for cleaning a small number of stains. Check which parts are contaminated before washing. Then, spray with water, put less high-grade soap and detergent, and rinse the soap, detergent and other things after brushing with a brush. Otherwise, some spots will appear in some places after the suit is dry. After washing, air the suit to 70%, place the suit on a flat felt surface, and then put some less dry cloth on the clothes to be ironed, and iron the suit completely with an iron. The detergent selected is also very important. Its detergent can be washed with “silk and wool detergent”. When ironing, do not use a towel as a pad. It is best to choose a cloth that does not fade

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2. Washing

Most formal suits are made of linen or resin linen, which can be washed with water. However, in order to keep them straight and straight without deformation, it is not appropriate to twist or rub them with force. When there are many stains on the suit, it is not suitable for dry cleaning at this time. It is only suitable for washing

Before washing, soak it in cold water for about half an hour, squeeze out the water with the washing machine, and put it into 40 ¡æ neutral washing solution (2 teaspoons per piece) or soap solution for 20 minutes. Do not soak it in hot water or use strong alkaline soap. Take out the clothes and drain the water. Pay attention to “three evenings and two evenings” when brushing, that is, the washing board should be flat, the clothes should be flat, the washing and brushing should be flat, and the force should be even

Pay attention to the lapels, front, bottom hem, pockets, cuffs and shoulders when washing the jacket of the suit. Pay attention to the waist and pockets, front and back trousers pieces and corners when washing the trousers. After brushing, put the clothes back into the water for several times, then squeeze out the washing liquid, wash them with 30g vinegar and some warm water, and then wash them with cold water. Flatten all parts and put them in a cool place to dry. Do not expose them to heat or strong sunlight

precautions for suit cleaning

1. The suit should not be washed by washing machine or dried by washing machine. Machine washing will deform the suit. In addition, the suit must be hung up on a clothes rack to make it look straight and beautiful

2. Suits with different fabrics should be washed separately. If they are made of chemical fiber fabrics, they can be washed at home, machine wash or hand wash. If it is a blended fabric, you can wash it by hand at home and then iron it with an iron. If it is a woolen suit, it will be sent to the dry cleaner

3. Suits should not be washed frequently. It is better to wash them once every 3-4 months, so that the washing effect is better and the fabric is not damaged. The clothes are worn for a short time, and there is not much dust on the surface. You can use damp and light ironing after washing the dust, and the dust will adhere to the towel with washing

4. The dust on the suit can be brushed off with a natural soft hair brush, or the dust can be removed with a wide adhesive tape, which has a good effect. Slight dust and oil stains shall be washed with warm water or warm detergent, and finally with clean water. Wine or vinegar stains should be washed immediately with clean water and then with soap. If there are serious dust and stains, they should be professionally dry cleaned

how to maintain a suit

1. Prepare twoorthree sets of clothes

Most high-quality suits are made of natural fibers such as wool, silk and cashmere. After wearing such suits, they will be deformed due to local tension, but they can be recovered after proper “rest”. Therefore, two or three sets should be prepared for changing

2. Often clean suits

Dust is the biggest enemy of the suit, which will make the suit lose its freshness. Therefore, it is necessary to brush the dust gently with a brush. Sometimes the suit is stained with other fibers or dust that is not easy to remove, which can be adsorbed with adhesive tape, and the effect is very good

Simple wrinkle removal for suits the suits worn for a long time or kept in the wardrobe for a long time can be hung in a place with a little humidity, which is conducive to the recovery of clothing fiber fatigue. However, excessive humidity will affect the shaping effect of suits. Generally, woolen suits can be placed overnight in an environment with a relative humidity of 35% – 40%

3. Hang it with a clothes hanger

The hanging suit is preferably a wooden or plastic wide handle arc-shaped suit special hanger, which is often made into a clothes and trousers joint hanger. The trousers can be hung with a clothes hanger or a special clothes hanger for trousers with a clip. Align the trousers, clamp the pants legs and hang them upside down

4. Clear the items in the pocket

When you go home, change your suit immediately and take out the items in your pockets. If you let your pockets be filled with things and hang them, your clothes will easily deform

5. Collect suits

Before collecting suits, remove dirt from clothes and send them to dry cleaners for dry cleaning. After dry cleaning, hang them with clothes hangers. Put naphthalene, camphor and other insecticides in your pockets, put on a plastic sleeve and collect them. The best place to collect suits is a place with good ventilation and low humidity

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