Precautions For Opening Children’s Clothing Store Decoration Effect Of Children’s Clothing Store

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Abstract: how to open a children’s clothing store? How to decorate the children’s clothing store? Children’s clothing industry is the most profitable in today’s clothing industry. In the face of such a booming children’s clothing market, opening children’s clothing stores is naturally a good choice. Each family has oneortwo children, which naturally become the apple of parents’ eyes. They are not stingy about what children like. So if they want to open a children’s clothing store, decoration is a big problem. How to open a children’s clothing store? What needs to be done to open a children’s clothing store? Next, Xiaobian will introduce the process and precautions of opening a children’s clothing store

[how to decorate children’s clothing store] precautions for opening children’s clothing store decoration effect of children’s clothing store

I. preparations before opening a children’s clothing store

Before opening a children’s clothing store, there are three issues that the store owner must consider: the nature of the store, market investigation and capital budget. With the preparation of these three aspects, we can start the first step of opening a children’s clothing store

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1. Determination of the nature of children’s clothing stores

The nature of children’s clothing store is that the store owner should make a choice between children’s clothing retail store and children’s clothing franchise store. Children’s clothing retail store, as the name suggests, is that the store owner completely depends on himself to open, purchase and manage; Children’s clothing franchise stores can rely on the franchise policy and support of children’s clothing brands to carry out unified and reasonable opening, purchase and management

2. Market survey of children’s clothing stores

After determining the nature of children’s clothing stores, the next thing to do is market investigation. Because the consumer groups of children’s clothing and adult clothing are very different, there is no need to pile up and go to places with a large number of people, but to start with the audience groups of children’s clothing. Usually, it is a good choice near residential areas, schools and children’s parks; Of course, if it is a brand franchise store, it is also a good choice to settle in the mall, so that children’s clothing stores can be more targeted

3. Children’s clothing store capital budget

The capital budget of children’s clothing stores needs to be considered from many aspects, including store rent, decoration costs, purchase costs, management costs and sufficient operating funds. The specific amount can be treated according to the specific situation

II. Preparations for the opening of children’s clothing stores

After making preparations for the children’s clothing store, you can be ready to open the store. However, in the specific process of opening a store, store location, store decoration and store purchase are also important

1. Location of children’s clothing store

In the preparation for opening a children’s clothing store, we mentioned the need for the store owner to conduct market investigation, which is actually to prepare for the future location of the store. As mentioned above, children’s clothing stores should be reasonably located according to the consumer groups of children’s clothing. Generally, it is a good choice near residential areas, schools and children’s parks; If it is a brand franchise store, the brand will give the franchise store location as a franchise support, so as to ensure that the error rate in the location of children’s clothing stores is minimized

2. Decoration of children’s clothing store

We all know that children’s clothing is the most personalized clothing category in the whole clothing industry. With parents’ pursuit of fashion and quality getting higher and higher, children’s clothing should not only ensure personalization, but also consider meeting the needs of consumers. Therefore, when decorating the store, the store owner must consider from the perspective of consumers and strive to create a personalized and non boastful decoration style. In terms of color selection, you can choose the cartoon tone that conforms to the products in the store. At the same time, when displaying products, you can appropriately put out some shapes, which is also an attraction to consumers. In terms of the overall decoration style, we should not only reflect the characteristics of our store, but also attract consumers

3. Children’s clothing store purchase

In the purchase process of children’s clothing stores, children’s clothing franchise stores will be relatively simple, because the brand itself is reasonably supplying goods; For the owners of children’s clothing retail stores, they need to work harder in purchasing. First of all, we must understand the local and national children’s clothing wholesale markets, as well as the local consumption level and popular styles, so as to ensure that the goods we enter the store can be welcomed by the majority of consumers

III. management after opening a children’s clothing store

1. Children’s clothing store display

After the site selection, decoration and purchase of children’s clothing store are completed, the next thing to do is product display. How to display the incoming goods perfectly requires some skills. Of course, this is very simple for children’s clothing franchise stores, but for children’s clothing retail store owners, they need to learn and imitate by themselves. There are many discussions about the display experience of children’s clothing stores in the market and on the Internet. At the same time, the owner can also learn from some good children’s clothing stores. As mentioned above, when displaying children’s clothing, we should strive to match the decoration style of children’s clothing stores. If possible, we should put out some shapes as much as possible, which is undoubtedly attractive to consumers

2. Children’s clothing store marketing

After completing the display of children’s clothing stores, the next thing to do is children’s clothing marketing. Whether the final children’s clothing store is profitable or not is directly related to this step. Whether the children’s clothing can be sold smoothly and whether consumers can become repeat customers after buying are all issues that the store owners need to consider. For specific marketing experience, shopkeepers can slowly explore in practice, buy corresponding books or sign up for professional marketing training courses; Of course, if you don’t have time to do this, and if the owner has enough money, it’s also a good choice to recruit corresponding marketing personnel to sell children’s clothing

3. Children’s clothing store management

Children’s clothing store management can be roughly divided into store management and personnel management. Store management, of course, is what we said above. From the decoration, purchase, display, marketing and other aspects of children’s clothing stores, regular management and summary should be carried out. The inventory of children’s clothing stores is also a problem that must be faced and solved in the whole process of opening a store. Timely dumping and discount require the owner to have a good grasp of the local market. Personnel management, of course, refers to the management and training of staff in the store, as well as the training of shopping guide, promotion and service attitude, which are directly related to the important factors of whether the whole store can operate smoothly

IV. precautions for opening children’s clothing stores

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1. Know who children’s clothes are sold to

We sell children’s clothes to mothers. That’s right, because children have no ability to spend and no subjective sense of spending. Therefore, children’s clothes are sold directly to mothers and indirectly to children! Why is it sold to mom instead of dad or others? It’s obvious that we can think about whether most of the time it’s mom who buys more clothes and shoes for her children and Dad, grandparents and grandparents who buy more toys. Of course, this is not absolute

But most of them are like this. When shopping for children, mothers say more and enjoy it! Therefore, some strategies in children’s clothing business should be considered according to the mother’s thinking, such as language habits, heart, etc

2. How to sell children’s clothes

Generally, mothers take their children to children’s clothing stores to buy clothes because they have to try them on. Whether children are willing to shop here or not, most of the decision is up to the children. Whether this children’s clothing store has enough attraction to attract children, which determines how many children’s mothers it can attract. Therefore, our children’s clothing businesses should pay attention to making the decoration of the store more in line with children’s imagination and interests and play, that is, to increase the interaction with children; When we make the environment of the store attractive to children for fun, and make products of enough styles, it will definitely attract more children and mothers to come and do business. Here we can see that some fast food in foreign countries still use a large area to install children’s play areas in places with an inch of land and an inch of money. That’s the reason. In fact, many times, it’s not because parents love junk fast food, but mainly because children like the place where they play and shout for the guidance of their parents! Therefore, franchisees who open children’s clothing stores should pay attention to their own children’s play area to increase interaction

3. Future development trend of children’s clothing terminals

The terminal development trend of children’s clothing is a supermarket like children’s clothing mall, not a monopoly store or a monopoly store mall. Because of the different consumer groups, we make such a judgment on the object of consumer groups

4. Don’t open a franchise store

Because of the limitations of the products of the exclusive store and the business area, mothers’ shopping behavior is restricted. Children’s clothing is different from casual clothes and Western-style women’s clothing. These clothes are sought by the consumer group in terms of culture and personality. On the contrary, children’s subjective consciousness has not been formed. Mothers’ shopping is relatively convenient, which is an important reason why they choose merchants to shop

5. Product backlog is the most careful problem in children’s clothing stores

Many stores lose money on product inventory, and many stores do not lose money, but only earn a pile of accumulated goods

Two options: if the local spending ability is strong, people have a high degree of brand recognition, and the shopkeeper is not proficient in clothing, then we should consider making a single brand, take the route of joining, and open up the market with the strength of the manufacturer; If the local cost is ordinary, there is no brand, and it is suitable to make a variety of products; But there is a premise that owners need to know well: brand consumption is an inevitable trend

v. precautions for store decoration

1. Pay attention to the storefront in store design

Tell customers what kind of corporate image they have and what products they sell in the store at the first time. And the door head is roughly divided into two parts. The first part is the design part, which pays attention to the color and size proportion, considers whether the color matches the requirements of the corporate brand image design, and whether the size relationship between the logo and the door head is coordinated; The other part is the use of materials. Simple painting is the work of small companies, which can increase the trust of customers

2. Store design should pay attention to the facade and channel in the store

Use glass doors and windows to improve the perspective. The open facade is easy to attract customers. The main channel in the store should be wide rather than narrow. If customers enter the main channel, they can clearly understand the specialty products of the store

3. Pay attention to the classification pattern in store design

Product classification and zoning display is the focus of the pattern. The location layout between regions and the comfort level of shopping will affect customers’ psychology. A good pattern will make customers feel comfortable and closer to the products. In the store, the commodity area, negotiation area and image exhibition area are well divided into regional patterns to make customers feel happy and invest more, so as to promote purchasing power

4. Pay attention to the size of the display board in the decoration design of the store

The place where the large sample is displayed should try to meet the customer’s vision, and do not blindly pursue more samples. In addition, the design of the display board should match the height and size to enhance the comparability of goods appreciated by customers

5. Store design should pay attention to the color in the store

The decoration color should be coordinated with the curtain, and try to choose light colors that are easy to match with the curtain to avoid dominating. Color personalization will make you more different from other stores, making the store more prominent and eye-catching. If the main color of the brand is reasonably applied in the store, it can also fully reflect the internal quality and culture of the enterprise brand. This design will be more practical and convenient

6. Pay attention to the corporate image background andpopadvertising location in store design

When all the patterns are settled, don’t forget to leave a place for POP advertising, which can be at the corner, near the negotiation area, or in a dead corner. The image background should be set in the middle of the store entrance to highlight the corporate image and make customers feel more respected. Therefore, the overall image of the product will be more comprehensive and attractive

VI. how to decorate children’s clothing stores

1, give play to the compound effect of decoration

When it comes to decoration, people naturally associate it with determining the decoration style or characteristics according to different store types. The main purpose of decoration in the general sense is to achieve beauty, tidiness or a certain grade, or to create a better store. For example, large restaurants generally have luxurious appearance decoration, and small flower shops generally create a bright, warm and elegant environment. These are decoration in the traditional sense. Decoration at a higher level is decoration with advertising effect, which can generally give consumers strong visual stimulation. Some decorate the store door into a unique and strange shape, giving people a special feeling in appearance, which can quickly leave a strong impression on consumers. This decoration effect has an advertising effect

2, the principle of careful calculation

You must be careful when opening a small shop, and so is the decoration. For example, many shops use spotlights, which can be bought from the wholesale market of lamps and lanterns. The price of a group of spotlights is generally only a few dozen yuan, but at least a hundred yuan in lighting stores. If you ask your friends to help you install it, of course, you can save a lot. As for the furniture placed in the shop, as long as it is appropriate, if it is not elegant enough, you can add some drapery, and the effect is not bad. Of course, stores with high decoration requirements should be thrifty on the premise of exquisite decoration, which cannot be generalized

3, do it yourself principle

“The wall of the store is easily repaired for thousands or tens of thousands of yuan, but it costs only dozens of yuan to buy a few cans of paint and do it by yourself.” A small shopkeeper said so. In fact, it is not difficult to paint the wall itself. Even if you are not born in decoration, as long as you spend a little more time, you can also complete the wall tile pattern of the wall body, and the effect seems good. Even if the paint is not uniform, you will still feel natural and comfortable. In the process of decorating the small store, some initial work can be done by yourself without hiring additional workers and spending money. Instead of putting money into hiring workers, it’s better to use it for future turnover

4, the principle of making the best use of everything

The third principle of small store decoration is to make the best use of everything, that is, to make good use of old resources. To have a good effect, in addition to spending money, you can also use some thoughts to find a solution that is both beautiful and economical. For example, a small shopkeeper rented a shop. The ceiling was originally separated by a frame, but the wires on it were very eye-catching, so he painted the ceiling brown, and the empty space in the middle was wrapped with some plastic plants to cover the wires on it. The cost was only 200 yuan. If it is to install chandeliers, dismantle iron frames, and change lines, it will undoubtedly increase many decoration costs. To make the best use of everything, it is very necessary to use more brains

5, don’t turn to friends

If you have no concept of decoration at all, but are afraid that you will be ripped off by the interior design company, here the author, from the standpoint of the past, wants to tell you a few precautions. First of all, I sincerely suggest you not to find acquaintances to design and contract decoration unless you have to. (the so-called acquaintances refer to people other than immediate relatives by blood). The reason is not that the other party must not believe it or will definitely knock your money. The real reason to consider is that if you do well for a “familiar” leave, you can praise it. What if you don’t do well? How to criticize? Moreover, this is related to the most sensitive money issue. It’s better to keep a little distance from your family, friends and friends, and there will be less trouble

6, external design points

Outdoor design mainly includes appearance design, entrance and exit design, signboard design, window design and external lighting design. Appearance is the overall feeling of the store. Sometimes it reflects the grade of the store and the personality of the store. From the overall style, it can be divided into modern style and traditional style. There is also sign design. The form, specification and installation method of signs should strive to be diversified and different, giving people a perfect appearance image

Secondly, it is the display of the window design skills of children’s clothing stores. The window is not only an integral part of the overall decoration of the facade, but also the first exhibition hall of the store. It is a comprehensive advertising art form for commodity introduction and commodity publicity, which takes the commodities operated and sold by the store as a shared tenancy, skillfully uses scenery and props, and is set off by the background picture decoration, coupled with appropriate lights, colors and text descriptions. Before entering the store, consumers have to browse the window intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, the window design and publicity team have an important impact on consumers’ buying mood. The design of the shop window should first highlight the characteristics of the goods, and at the same time make the shop window and the introduction of the goods conform to the general psychological behavior of consumers, that is, let consumers have a sense of beauty, comfort, good feelings and yearning for the goods

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