shirt matching

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shirts are the clothes we often wear in our daily life. Most people wear shirts at work and don’t use them to dress up when they go out shopping. Here are some shirt matching tips to share with you

shirt matching

1. Plaid shirt + off white cropped jeans

this plaid shirt matches our off white cropped jeans very well. The loose straight pants are especially tolerant to girls with thick legs, showing both high and long legs. The plaid shirt is really fashionable to wear outside. The white T-shirt inside is a practical dress in autumn. It is cool and convenient. It is really beautiful and looks good. It can also show your long legs when you wear it

2. Square collar shirt + Black Wide Leg Pants

in recent years, various retro elements have been particularly popular. The retro square collar with slightly exposed collarbone shows a special temperament. There is an elastic design on both sides of the collar, which is not easy to leak the shoulder. It just echoes with the elastic cuffs, modifies the arm lines, and has a thin effect. The light yellow color can enhance the brightness of the skin color. It is fashionable and thin to match with the Black Wide Leg Pants, which are nine points long, Even if you wear flat shoes, they are very high

3. Milk tea color shirt + skirt

how to wear the shirt? The milk tea color baby collar shirt has a super sweet feeling. The Lantern Sleeve design is added to the cuff of the shirt, which makes the shirt less monotonous, very artistic and small and fresh. The lower body is matched with the gray skirt, which is thin and mysterious. Tuck your shirt into your skirt and wear a high waisted figure. This kind of collocation is the sweetest of the five popular collocations this autumn

how to build a transparent white shirt

scheme 1: a suspender Vest + a white shirt

adding a suspender vest to a white shirt is the most common matching rule. However, when shopping for a suspender vest, it is best to choose pure cotton sweat absorbing material, so as to avoid the burden of wearing two pieces in summer

scheme 2: small waistcoat + white shirt

small waistcoat with white shirt can not only solve the problem that the white shirt is very transparent, but also increase the sense of hierarchy

scheme 3: Slim Fit short t+ white shirt

slim fit short T is matched with white shirt. In fact, the white shirt is turned into a sunscreen. This matching method also increases the sense of hierarchy and improves the functional coefficient of the white shirt

the white shirt is too transparent. What to wear inside

you can not wear it inside, or wear white short sleeves. A slightly better white shirt will not show any spots or flesh color. It is normal not to wear it inside. In addition to keeping warm, one advantage of the white short sleeved shirt is that many people sweat easily in their armpits. However, if there is one inside, even if the short sleeved shirt inside is very thin, sweat stains will not be seen from the outside. It is recommended to wear a chicken heart collar, so you can’t see the clothes inside even if you untie a button

shirts have also been used by more and more people in recent years. The first recommended way to wear them is checkered shirt + off white 9-point jeans. This method is a good choice for girls with thick legs. Checkered shirts are fashionable

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