What Is The Material Of Sports Shorts? What Are The Requirements For The Fabric Of Sports Shorts

Abstract: sports shorts are shorts for sports. With the advantages of comfort and breathability, they are favored by many sports fitness enthusiasts. Generally, common sports shorts mainly include pure cotton, nylon, spandex, Lycra, polyester and other materials, of which polyester and cotton sports shorts are more common. No matter what kind of sports shorts are made of, they are required to have good air permeability, moisture absorption, elasticity and quick drying functions. Let’s learn about the material of sports shorts< p> I. what is the material of sports shorts

Sports shorts are a kind of sports pants. They are mainly suitable for running, fitness and other sports. They are more comfortable. What are the materials of sports shorts? What material is good for sports shorts? The materials and fabrics of general sports shorts mainly include the following three types:

1. Cotton sports shorts

Pure cotton sports shorts have good comfort and skin affinity, and good ventilation. They won’t feel muggy when sweating during sports; However, the disadvantage of pure cotton sports shorts is that the permeability will become poor after sweat absorption. Some inferior cotton sports shorts will appear neps after washing, resulting in rough surface of the fabric

2. Nylon sports shorts

Nylon sports shorts have good wear resistance and elasticity, and will not be bound when wearing sports; But it is prone to deformation

3. Spandex sports shorts

The sports shorts made of spandex are not common, because the sports shorts made of this fabric have poor fiber firmness and are easy to break and fade

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4. Lycra sports shorts

Sports shorts made of Lycra fabric have high-quality elasticity, breathability, ductility and skin affinity, but Lycra sports shorts on the market are generally blended

5. Polyester sports shorts

Polyester sports shorts are also common. Its advantage is that the fabric is light and will not hinder the movement; The disadvantage is that the air permeability is poor, and the comfort is relatively low compared with other materials

In general, sports shorts of various materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which material is better or different from person to person? Generally, there are more polyester sports shorts

II. What are the requirements for the fabric of sports shorts

Sports shorts are often worn in sports. There are many different fabrics. However, no matter which fabric is used, the materials used to make sports shorts must meet the following requirements:

1. Strong air permeability and moisture absorption

There will be a lot of sweating in sports, so the function of absorbing sweat should be considered when selecting fabrics. This requires that sports shorts have strong permeability and moisture absorption, and even if they sweat a lot, they will not feel stuffy

2. Flexible

Generally, the range is large during exercise. If the sports shorts do not have certain elasticity, they are easy to tear or affect normal exercise

3. Quick drying

General sports shorts are made of quick drying materials, which can be quickly dried even if they are soaked with sweat, so as to prevent sports shorts from getting wet and causing colds

The above is the material requirements of sports shorts. Sports shorts are shorts designed for sports, so pay attention to meet these requirements

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