How To Distinguish The Pros And Cons Of A Swimming Cap? How To Wear A Swimming Cap With Long Hair

Abstract: when wearing a swimming cap, the way to distinguish between positive and negative is mainly based on the trademark. Generally, there is an English logo or pattern. The side with a trademark is the front. If there is no trademark, it can also be distinguished by observation. After distinguishing the pros and cons, let’s take a look at how to wear a swimming cap for long hair. First fix the hair, then wet the hair with water, and then put it on. How to distinguish the pros and cons of a swimming cap and how to wear a swimming cap with long hair? Let’s take a look at this article< p> I. how to distinguish the pros and cons of swimming caps

Swimming cap is an indispensable equipment for swimming. It can close the hair and compress it on the head to reduce the volume of the head and reduce the water resistance. A good swimming cap can also prevent the hair from being soaked by the water of the pool, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the hair. When wearing, pay attention to the pros and cons of the swimming cap. Do you know how to distinguish the pros and cons of the swimming cap

1. If the swimming cap is made of spandex, nylon and other fibers, first look at the brand trademark printed on the swimming cap. The trademarks are printed on the front, and there is no trademark on the back. If you don’t see the trademark, you can have a look at both sides of the swimming cap. As shown in the figure, only one or two of the stitching lines at the splice are on the front side, while the reverse side generally has a lot of stitching lines, which looks messy

2. If the swimming cap is made of silica gel, the first thing to do is to look at the trademark. Generally, it has an English logo or pattern. The side with a trademark is the front. If you can’t see the trademark, look at both sides of the cap. The front of the cap is flat and smooth, and there are usually many round points on the back

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3. If it is a swimming cap made of PU coated cloth, the front and back sides are easy to distinguish. The front side is smooth and waterproof, while the back side is generally made of white cloth, and there are also many sewing lines

4. If it is the most common cloth swimming cap, it is also easy to distinguish the front and back. This kind of swimming cap is printed with various patterns on the front, but there is no pattern on the back, only some colors from the front

II. How to wear a swimming cap with long hair

After knowing the positive and negative ways of distinguishing swimming caps, you can wear swimming caps by yourself. Short hair is OK. Just wear them directly. How can you wear swimming caps with long hair

First, tie it with a rubber band and fix it behind your head. It’s like combing a ball head. You must tie it tightly without loosening it. Then gather the hair at the temples on both sides, and fix the rest of the broken hair with clips, as well as the bangs on the forehead. Secondly, look in the mirror to see if there is still flying hair. Disorderly flying hair is not conducive to keeping neat

Finally, run the hair with water, put on the swimming cap, and push the hair on the edge of the swimming cap into the cap by hand. Before launching, shake your head again to see if the swimming cap falls off. Wear after inspection

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