How To Wash Sweaters? What If Sweaters Shrink

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wool is a natural fiber with excellent wearability, which is an animal hair fiber most used in textile products. However, due to people’s lack of understanding of wool fiber and some characteristics of wool itself, if the wool is not properly protected, it is easy to cause shrinkage, which not only affects the beauty, but also uncomfortable to wear. So what if the sweater shrinks? How to wash woolen sweaters? Next, follow Xiaobian to have a look

overview of sweaters

true and false identification of sweaters

washing steps of sweaters

washing methods of sweaters

what to do if the sweaters shrink

care of sweaters

which is the best brand of sweaters

1 overview of woolen sweater

woolen sweater originally refers to a sweater made of wool, which is also the meaning recognized by ordinary people, In fact, “sweater” has now become a synonym for a class of products, that is, it is used to generally refer to “knitted sweater” or “wool knitwear”. Wool knitwear refers to the fabric that is mainly made from wool, cashmere, rabbit hair and other animal hair fibers after spinning into yarn, such as rabbit hair sweater, Xuelan sweater, sheep’s sweater, acrylic sweater, etc. are all “sweater” families

Woolen sweater has the characteristics of good elasticity, bright color, strong extensibility, good breathability, comfort and convenience. Its winter products are light in weight and good in warmth retention; In summer, the product is soft, and the hole effect will produce a good ventilation effect, which makes it cool and comfortable to wear; Spring and autumn products can be designed with different materials according to different requirements to meet the needs of different regions and consumers, and fully meet the needs of all kinds of people

2. Identification of the authenticity of woolen sweaters

woolen sweaters are popular clothes among consumers in spring, autumn and winter, but there are many fake and inferior products. Some mix acrylic fiber, polypropylene fiber and other chemical fibers into wool, and some use chemical fiber fabrics to pretend to be wool. Therefore, attention should be paid to identifying the authenticity of woolen sweaters when buying them to prevent false purchases

see the trademark clearly:if it is pure wool, there should be five items of pure wool logo; If it is a blended product, it should have a wool content mark; Otherwise, it can be considered as fake

check the texture:the real sweater is soft, elastic, feels good and warm; The texture, elasticity, hand feel and warmth retention of fake woolen sweaters are poor

combustion test:real wool contains a lot of protein. Take a few fibers from your clothes and ignite them. Smell the smell and look at the ashes. If there is a smell of burnt feathers, the ashes are crushed with your fingers, which is pure wool; If there is no smell of burnt feathers, and the ashes cannot be crushed and caked, it is a chemical fiber fabric

friction electrostatic inspection:rub the clothes to be inspected on the pure cotton shirt for about 5 minutes, and then quickly separate from each other. If there is no “snap” sound, it is a real sweater; If there is a “pa pa” sound, or even static sparks, it is a chemical fiber fabric, which is a fake woolen sweater

3 sweater cleaning steps

1. Pour enough warm water into the sink or bathtub to completely cover the sweater. Add soap flakes and wash them with your hands. Soap flakes are easily soluble in water

2. Put the woolen sweater into soapy water to make it submerged. Gently wipe the woolen sweater fabric back and forth in the water for two to three minutes. The left and right cuffs and neck, which are often the dirtiest places, need to be wiped a lot

3. Drain the soapy water from the sink, wash the sweater under warm water, and thoroughly remove the soap residue on the sweater clothes

4. Fill the sink with water and add 1/4 cup of color safe bleach and soap. With your hands, mix water and dissolve soap flakes

5. Put the sweater into the water to make it submerged. Sand gently rubs the sweater fabric to further clean the sweater. Wash the sweater thoroughly with hot water, and then rinse the sweater immediately in cold water

6. Drip and dry the sweater for about 10 minutes. Then lay the sweater flat on the towel, then roll up the towel to remove the excess water tightly, and finally dry the sweater

4. Washing method of woolen sweater

hand washing:1 Mix warm water with some mild detergent. You can also use a special wool detergent, but remember to read the laundry label first, because it contains petroleum extract, which will cause great damage to natural fabrics. 2. Immerse the clothes in water for about 5 minutes. 3. Wash clothes carefully with warm water. 4. After washing, squeeze as much water from the clothes as possible, and remember not to twist or wring the clothes. 5. Wrap the clothes in a towel and gently squeeze or wring them dry. Don’t fold it. Spread it flat on a new towel and put it in a cool place to dry naturally. Remember: never put wool clothes in a dryer or tumbler dryer

dry cleaning:dry cleaning can indeed avoid the problem of shrinkage, but frequent use of stimulating chemicals will cause damage to the fabric of woolen sweaters, and frequent dry cleaning is not economical. It’s better to wash by hand. As long as you know how to wash and how to restore the shrunk sweater at home, you can wear new sweaters every day. 1. The best water temperature is about 35 degrees. When washing, you should gently squeeze it with your hands. Do not rub, knead or twist it with your hands. Never use a washing machine for washing. 2. Neutral detergent must be used. Generally, the ratio of water to detergent is 100:3. 3. When rinsing, add cold water slowly, so that the water temperature gradually drops to room temperature, and then rinse it clean. 4. After washing, first press it by hand to press out the water, and then wrap it with a dry cloth, or use a centrifugal dehydrator. Pay attention to wrap the sweater with cloth before putting it into the dehydrator; Don’t dehydrate for too long, only for 2 minutes at most. 5. After washing and dehydration, the sweater should be spread out in a ventilated place to dry. Do not hang or expose it to the sun to avoid deformation of the sweater

5. What to do if the sweater shrinks

1. Steam ironing:heat the shrunk sweater fiber with a steam iron, and then use both hands to stretch the fiber while it is hot. It can be padded with white cloth, sprayed with water, ironed at medium temperature, and the water temperature is preferably about 35 ℃

2. Thick cardboard:cut the thick cardboard into the size and shape of the original sweater. It is best to polish the cut with sandpaper to avoid damaging the sweater. Put the sweater on the cardboard, fix the lower foot with several clothes clips, and then use an electric iron to steam iron all parts of the sweater repeatedly, and remove it after it is completely cooled

3. Send to the dry cleaner:just take the clothes to the dry cleaner, dry clean them first, then find a special shelf of the same model as the clothes, hang the sweater, and after high-temperature steam treatment, the clothes can be restored to their original appearance, and the price is the same as that of dry cleaning

6 care of woolen sweater

store carefully

1. Empty the clothes pockets, otherwise the clothes will bulge or sag

2. Hanging of clothes hang the wool clothes in a cool and ventilated place with a suitable hanger for a while to remove the wrinkles. The clothes hanger should be designed to support the shoulder pad of the coat and the waist of the skirt to avoid wrinkles

wrinkle prevention

The wrinkles of pure wool clothes will disappear after hanging in the wet bathroom for a period of time or a whole night

treatment of stains and odors

Wash the small stain with cold water, and then suck it dry with a clean cloth, but never use paper towels; Remove the smell on the clothes. Put the clothes flat on the bed for about an hour to remove the smell on the clothes, such as cigarette smell

let the wool breathe

Let the wool breathe for 24 hours before the next time, and try to avoid wearing the same clothes for two consecutive days. This can give wool fiber enough time to restore its natural elasticity


If you want to collect wool fabrics for a long time, you must wash and dry them first. Any wool fabric can be folded and stored, put on cedar or camphor balls, or hung in clothes bags. Don’t stuff clothes in a narrow space

moth proof

The moth proofing of woolen sweaters is also very important. The commonly used method is fumigation, that is, the volatiles of fumigant are used to kill moths, which needs to be carried out in sealed containers. It mainly uses camphor, naphthalene, p-dichlorobenzene, etc. This method is generally used when keeping woolen sweaters at home to achieve the purpose of preventing moths


The woolen sweater is shortened and hardened. You can wrap it with a clean white cloth and steam it in the steamer for ten minutes. After taking it out, shake it slightly with force to loosen the fiber, and then carefully pull it into its original shape and size, place it flat on the back of the sheet or sieve, and dry it in a ventilated place in the shade. After drying, it can be restored to its original state. Wool or wool fabric will gradually lose its original luster after washing more times. If you rinse it with water for several times, and then add a few drops of vinegar to the water to continue bleaching, neutralizing the acid and alkali, the wool and wool fabric will restore its original luster. Special maintenance of light wool fabrics. Although light fabrics such as cool wool are easy to wrinkle, they can be ironed with wet cloth or steam iron

7 which brand of woolen sweater is better

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