What Brand Is Good For Children’s Wear? What To Buy For Children’s Wear

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Introductionreadthere are many brands in the children’s clothing industry market, and the product quality is uneven. Consumers will always face the problem of choice when purchasing, and do not know what brand to buy. How to choose children’s clothes? What brand is good for children’s wear? What is more worth buying? Supported by the brand data provided by CNPP, Xiaobian carefully sorted out the children’s clothing brands worth buying, and provided relevant children’s clothing purchasing skills for your reference to help you choose the satisfactory children’s clothing brand products. What brand is good for children’s wear? Children’s clothing brand recommendation where to buy children’s clothing is better children’s clothing brand shop children’s clothing purchase skills children’s clothing purchase precautions

children’s size comparison table reference

simple measurement method of children’s clothing size:

Child’s head =20% height

Height =80% height

Shorts length =30% body height

Shirt length =50% body height

Pants length =75% body height

Jacket length =49% body height

Suit length =53% body height

Long clothes length =70% body height

Dress length =78% body height

how to choose children’s clothing

1. Choose cotton clothes

Baby’s skin is delicate and fragile. Cotton or cotton wool fabrics with softness, good water absorption and good air permeability are preferred for clothing selection, and the suture should not be too hard. Close fitting clothes are also suitable to be made of cotton fabric and flannelette, and summer clothes are better made of gauze and thin cloth

2. Choose light and solid clothes

Many baby clothes are bright in color, because more dyeing materials are added, and this kind of clothes often contain high lead content. Although beautiful, such clothes are not suitable for underwear. Lead can be absorbed through the skin, which is easy to cause lead poisoning, which will affect the development of the baby’s gastrointestinal tract and teeth, and cause abdominal pain. It is recommended to choose light and solid colors for your baby. Especially if you want to buy clothes that are relatively cheap, try not to buy clothes with large printing or clothes with obvious smell

3. Don’t choose clothes with ropes

For children, ropes on clothes are very dangerous, so it is recommended not to buy clothes with ropes for children

4. Don’t have too many accessories on your clothes

In order to be cute, some children’s clothes will add many beautiful accessories, such as beads, sequins and so on. However, because the baby likes to stuff what he can get into his mouth during the oral desire period, parents are advised not to buy clothes with accessories for the baby, especially accessories shaped like candy, in case the baby accidentally swallows them

5. Purchase through formal channels

To buy clothes for your baby, it is recommended to buy them through formal channels, such as specialty stores, shopping malls, official online stores, etc. if you need to buy them at affordable stores due to limited conditions, you should also pay attention to the tag of clothes. According to national regulations, the safety technology category of textile products is divided into “infant products, class A, class B and class C”. Therefore, although the safety category of infant textile products should meet the requirements of class A, the safety category of infant textile products marked with “infant products” can not be marked with “class a”. For textile products worn or used by children and adults over 3 years old, the safety category of products in direct contact with skin should be “class B” or “class a”, and the safety category of products not in direct contact with skin can be “class C”, “class B” or “Class A”

children’s clothing knowledge class

  • what brand is good for buying children’s clothes and shoes


when buying children’s clothes, don’t blindly follow the purchase because the price is cheap. Choose a well-known brand, which not only guarantees the quality, but also guarantees the after-sales service. Of course, the pursuit of brand is not necessarily the pursuit of expensive prices. We can choose famous brand products at different prices at different economic levels. Friends who choose online shopping products should identify the flagship store of the brand, so that they can be foolproof

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