What Clothes To Wear For Autumn Sports? A Complete Introduction To The Purchase Of Autumn Sportswear

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Introductionreadin autumn, a season suitable for sports and fitness, can you still bear to stay in bed? It’s time to put on a fit sportswear and have a good workout. But what clothes should I wear for autumn sports? To know that different sports suitablesportswearis very different, the following editor will share various autumn sportswear shopping strategies for you, and teach you to choose the rightsportswear, and enjoy the fun of sports

autumn casual sportswear

casual sportswear has always been a favorite style of clothing. It is not only comfortable and light, but also suitable for simple and casual sports. However, in the cool autumn, the casual sportswear should not only consider the comfort and breathability, but also take into account the warmth. Most of them are casual sportswear, especially suitable for couples

shopping strategy:casual sportswear is generally matched with sports shoes, casual board shoes and canvas shoes. The key is to choose the style and color of shoes that are harmonious with sportswear. For example, dark colored sportswear can be matched with light colored and bright colored sports shoes, so that there is a matching highlight on the body, while bright colored sportswear can be matched with low-key sports shoes, so that the sportswear on the body can be the protagonist in the matchingitem recommendation:leisure sports suit,Sports sweater,leisure board shoes

autumn fitness sportswear

for fitness professionals, autumn high and crisp is a good time for fitness. Choose a set of fitness clothes with good ventilation and sweat absorption and flexibility during fitness, so that there is no burden of fitness, do not restrict your hands and feet, and experience the pleasure of sweating in the gym

shopping strategy:fitness clothes should be breathable and sweat absorbent. Choose fabrics with a small proportion of cotton that can sweat and breathe, such as spandex and nylon; In addition, fitness clothes should be slim and elastic to avoid too loose and loose clothes that are easy to hang on the equipment; It is best for women to wear a special sports bra when exercising, so as to protect the chest from the influence of exercise and avoid a lot of trouble during exerciseitem recommendation:fitness suit set, fast drying tights, tights

autumn running sportswear

when running in autumn, you can’t just wear shorts and T-shirts as usual. As the weather gets cold, sportswear should not only have good ventilation effect, but also be fast drying fabric, which can quickly sweat and heat away, so as to avoid catching a cold

shopping guide:running sportswear fabrics are light and thin, with good softness and tensile elasticity, and choose those with good sweat absorption and drainage performance; During regular anaerobic running, sportswear focuses on multi-functional quick drying clothes; Choose light colored running clothes to reflect sunlight without absorbing too much heat; Female runners, regardless of their chest size, should have a sports bra to support their chest and protect their chest from sportsitem recommendation:Sports T-shirt, sports pants,sports bra,running shoes

autumn Yoga sportswear

for Yoga lovers, doing an appropriate amount of yoga every day is routine, and doing yoga in autumn is no exception. In yoga, a capable Yoga suit without procrastination can greatly facilitate the extension of yoga movements, so as to enter the Yoga state faster

shopping guide:yoga is of low intensity. You can choose a vest style yoga suit with a chest cushion. The cross design makes you the focus of the yoga studio, and you can choose a slim long style for the bottom. If you also have dance training in addition to yoga, you can choose a dance Yoga suit that is tight and loose. The pants can be micro flared or wide leg style, and the drawstring design is convenient to adjust the tightnessitem recommendation:Yoga suit, vest style yoga suit, dance Yoga suit

autumn outdoor sports suit
after all, outdoor sports in autumn are different from ordinary leisure sports. We need to consider various climatic factors and natural environment. In order to be more comfortable and better protect ourselves during outdoor sports, we need to choose professional outdoor sports clothesshopping strategy:outdoor sports are intense, so you need to choose quick drying clothes with good ventilation and sweat absorption, mainly long ones, which can not only protect against sun, but also resist the scratches and thorns of grass and trees; In addition, the climate in autumn is changeable, so it’s best to wear a stormsuit with good waterproof and windproof effect; Choosing loose pants cannot limit the movement of legs; Choose sportswear that is different from the mountain color in coloritem recommendation:stormsuit, quick drying clothes, fleece clothes,mountaineering shoes

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