what kind of bottoms does the black sweater match?

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as the most common dress, I believe most people have one in their wardrobe. The sweater is actually one of the most versatile clothes, but some people don’t know how to match their pants, Now let’s talk about the collocation method

what kind of bottoms to wear with black sweater

black sweater with jeans

versatile jeans and black sweater are also very suitable. The overall feeling is very casual. Whether it’s a printed or pure black sweater, it’s very appropriate to wear jeans in the process of wearing, but remember not to be too light in the color selection of jeans, It is recommended to choose a darker blue for more texture

black sweater with casual pants

finally, we matched a pair of light colored casual pants with black sweater. Friends who usually like to wear overalls can also match them in this way. This kind of matching will be more friendly to girls whose legs are not good-looking. Choose some loose pants to create a feeling of Japanese style and look warm

what to match under the sweater

there are many kinds of matching under the sweater. For example, the sweater can be matched with pleated skirt, which is lively and cute, and has a lifting effect. It is fashionable and thin. Or pair it with jeans, which simply reveals fashion. If you pair it with a pair of small white shoes, it will look youthful and lovely. In addition, the sweater is matched with the half length Hip Wrap Skirt, which is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, creating a very good visual effect. It is cute without losing the little sexy of women

matching of protective clothing

1. Matching with pleated skirt

matching with pleated skirt, the protective clothing is lively and lovely, and has a lifting effect. It is fashionable and thin

II. Matching jeans

matching jeans is a very simple matching method. It simply reveals fashion. Matching a pair of small white shoes will make you look young and lovely

it is an infallible choice to match black sweater with jeans. Jeans and black sweater are full of street style and can be worn regardless of gender. Black sweater with pleated skirt is lively and cute, and has a high effect

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