what kind of pants do gray sweaters look good with?

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sweaters have become a favorite dress for young people nowadays. As we all know, sweaters are actually a version spread from abroad. Gray sweaters belong to a more versatile color. There are a variety of matching pants, which can be selected according to their own body

what kind of pants do you wear with grey sweater?

1. Wide leg pants

a simple and pure black wide leg pants with grey loose sweater. It doesn’t need too much decoration. It’s very convenient to wear a loose wide leg pants in winter. ha-ha! Comfortable, warm and personalized

2. Leggings

the hoodless pullover with a pair of Gray Black Denim Leggings can not only show the perfect figure, but also highlight the personal temperament and taste. It is a suit suitable for young mature women

what color of skirt does the gray sweater look good with

1. Denim skirt

the lower part of the denim skirt has a diagonal socket, which is designed with great personality. The upper body looks very tall with the gray sweater

2. Plaid skirt

the Gray Hoodie is particularly white. The lower body is super versatile with a gray plaid skirt. The overall style is very cute

3. Split skirt

a gray hooded sweater with a split zebra skirt has a strong sense of fashion and the feeling of an imperial sister. With a pair of fashionable large earrings, it has a retro personality. In the workplace, such clothing will also be more feminine and more imposing

gray sweater with

gray sweater can make people whiten and improve their temperament, but not all clothes are suitable for matching with it. The choice of bottoms is very important. Once the choice is not good, it can not reflect the fashionable and Avantgarde feeling of gray sweater. Generally speaking, skirts, jeans and wide leg pants can be selected for bottoms, and the choice of shoes is also exquisite

gray sweater and wide leg pants are a good way to match. Wide leg pants are more retro styles, but they are thin and can lengthen the proportion of the body. Gray sweater and small leg pants can show the perfect body and improve the temperament

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