[Casual Shorts] What Shoes Should Men’S Casual Shorts Wear? What Tops Should Men’S Casual Shorts Wear

Abstract: in summer, men’s casual shorts are more suitable for men’s home or leisure travel than heavy jeans, trousers and informal sports pants. So, how to match men’s casual shorts? What kind of tops do boys wear with casual shorts? What shoes do men’s casual shorts wear< p> [casual shorts] what shoes should men’s casual shorts match? What tops should men’s casual shorts match

what kind of top should boys’ casual shorts match

I. plain T + shorts

For the basic white T, the shape of the collar and the fit of the clothes will affect the feeling of wearing. The loose white T with a lower neckline is more languid and decadent. On the contrary, the style with a better fit and a higher neckline can better foil the vigorous figure who has worked out

The white T-shirt can also be changed. Roll up a few sleeves to fine tune the wearing proportion, and also help the overall look more energetic

No matter what color it is, it is a perfect match for shorts

Using a shawl coat is another variation of the technique

In fact, plain t is not so monotonous. It can also have a new style with a cowboy shirt and folk pattern shorts

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II. Shirt + shorts

In the case of shirts, in addition to the fitting shoulder line, length is a major consideration. The most appropriate length for shirts is the zipper that can cover half of Shimen Reservoir

Take care of the length of the shirt. It looks good no matter how funny it is

A simple fitting shirt with a strong body shape is enough to attract passers-by

Let the shirt not all buttoned up, setting off the overall style of the street

If the shirt is too long, you might as well tuck it directly into your shorts

what shoes should men’s casual shorts wear

1. Shorts and sneakers

Boys who love sports like to wear sports shoes and shorts. The collocation makes people feel that the boy is more sunny and youthful. Sports shoes give people an innate sense of three-dimensional and speed. They cater to different colors from the upper, add a bit of fashion flavor, and bring a decent and generous style of sports

2. Shorts with casual shoes

Shorts with casual shoes will be very fashionable and sunny. In addition, this kind of matching can find a matching style suitable for each age and temperament. It highlights the male vitality and does not lose the style of men. It is popular with girls

3. Shorts with canvas shoes

Canvas shoes are the most versatile. Canvas shoes, with simple and classic high top design, are a fashion style that will never go out of style. Environmental friendly and comfortable pure cotton canvas fabric creates a perfect shoe shape. Many canvas uppers are printed with different patterns. Using it with shorts is enough to reflect the dynamic and personalized trend culture

shorts matching guide

Playing with the color of the upper and lower body is one of the ways to wear shorts

It is also a good idea to wear shorts with the same color. For example, you can try all white this summer

In addition to playing with the concept of color, accessories are the best helper. The scarf on the neck adds a playful feeling to the shorts

Add a sling to make the shorts colorful

You can also add a hat or accessories to the dress of similar colors, which will definitely have a super overall effect

The upper body and shorts are simple, but with a little skill, you can play with the colors

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