How To Choose Down Jacket For Parents Middle Aged And Elderly Down Jacket To Send Warmth To Parents

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The weather is getting colder and colder. The biting cold wind blows on me like a knife. After the beginning of winter, it is urgent to add winter clothes for yourself. I believe everyone has worked hard to add clothes for themselves. At this time, don’t forget to buy some gifts for your parents. Your parents are more afraid of the cold than we are when they are older. It’s most practical to give them a down jacket to keep out the cold. So what kind of down jacket is suitable for parents? What kind of down jacket is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people? Let’s take a look with Xiaobian below

How to choose down jackets for parents? The warmth of middle-aged and elderly down jackets for parents

  • check from the appearance of clothes:
    1: Generally speaking, good down jacket fabrics are crisp, which can be felt by hand. Do not choose wrinkled fabrics. 2: The colors of down jackets for middle-aged and elderly people are mainly bright, which not only gives people a refreshing feeling, but also does not appear exaggerated and impetuous
  • judging from the fabric:
    a good down jacket fabric is a high-density waterproof and breathable fabric, which has the characteristics of very lightweight, good wind and water resistance (the water droplets of the clothes will slip if shaken a little) and breathable, tear proof and wear-resistant properties
  • from the down in the down jacket:
    the duck down in a good down jacket is thin, soft, long and does not have a duck down stalk. 1: If the down jacket you choose is light in color, you can pick up the down jacket and look at it carefully in the sun or in a bright place. If you can see the fuzz in the clothes faintly, especially if you can see the down stalk, it means that the quality is not good. 2: You pick up the down jacket and gently shake it. If you find that there is hair coming out of the clothes, please don’t buy it
  • from the point of view of details:
    carefully check the stitching and selvage process of clothes. Good down jackets generally adopt double selvage process and neat stitches because they need to fix the duck down inside the clothes. Of course, inferior clothes are of average workmanship. Note that if it is online shopping, be sure to ask the guide about the above points. And carefully look at the pictures and introductions on the product details page. It is best to combine the comments of other buyers, so it is safe

gifts for middle-aged and elderly men’s down jackets for Dad

purchase guide:

middle-aged and elderly people don’t wear clothes with fashionable personality like young people. We don’t buy our favorite exaggerated and avant-garde styles to dad

Middle aged and elderly men’s down jackets should be mainly warm, and try to choose softer fabrics to make them more comfortable to wear. Try to choose dark color to appear mature and steady. Atmospheric dark coffee or black is a good choice

The style with wool collar can not only prevent the neck from getting cold, but also make the clothing look more classy, light and luxurious. Men’s clothes are not as changeable as women’s. detailed design and excellent workmanship can highlight taste

gifts for mothers of middle-aged and elderly women’s down jackets

purchase guide:

the down jackets for mothers should be generous and fashionable, but not too foreign, otherwise mothers may not accept them. It is recommended to choose a down jacket filled with white duck down or white goose down, which is warmer and less heavy

Buy a down jacket for your mother, and recommend medium and long ones, with the hem reaching the knee or longer. It is not only warmer than the short model, but also more eye-catching. The style of big hair collar or a circle of hair on the hat is generous and elegant, which shows a lot of temperament

Choose a brighter color, but don’t exaggerate. You can choose a slimmer version, which will not look very bloated, but also can line out the elegant figure of your mother

small cotton padded jacket for middle-aged and elderly down vests for parents

purchase guide:

the style of down vests bought for parents should be simple and generous, not too fat. You can buy printed ones for your mother, but don’t try those with exaggerated styles and childish flower shapes

Middle aged and elderly down vests should be dark in color as far as possible, which makes them more mature and stable. The filling degree of down should be higher, and the fabric should be softer as far as possible, so that parents can keep warm

The down vest has no sleeves, so it is more convenient to do things and does not appear bloated. It’s a good choice to wear a shirt or sweater in the hot and cold seasons. It can also be worn under the coat when the weather is particularly cold, which is very practical

  • warm tips:

    first of all, before buying clothes for parents, be sure to find out their size. You can buy a larger size. Middle-aged and elderly people generally wear thicker than young people. Secondly, after selecting the style, remember to take a close look at the purchase evaluation, which most intuitively reflects the consumer’s satisfaction with this dress. Finally, middle-aged and elderly clothing pay more attention to quality. We must choose reliable merchants, and we must recognize the flagship store of the brand in online shopping

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Conclusion don’t regret where time has gone until your parents are gone. Filial piety should be done as soon as possible. Hurry up! Don’t ask your parents directly whether they want it or not. They definitely replied that there were a lot of clothes at home and they didn’t need them. But how can there be enough time for clothes? We all add several new clothes a year. How can we let our parents change those clothes all year round. Smart children can always quietly inquire about the size of their parents’ clothes, and quietly give them a surprise!

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