How To Match Women’s Short Sleeved T-Shirts? What Should We Pay Attention To When Matching Women’s T-Shirts

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Abstract: short sleeved T-shirt is a necessary trend item for street photography and dating, which ensures both comfort and usability. Girls wear short sleeved T-shirt is also very fashionable. Women’s short sleeved T-shirts can be matched with pants, leggings, denim shorts, denim skirts and other pants. When matching, you should pay attention to the color of upper and lower clothing, the color of inner and outer clothing, body shape, pattern, tightness and other aspects. Next, let’s have a look with Xiaobian

how to match women’s short sleeved T-shirts

1. European and American style short sleeve T-shirt

Matching points: white T-shirt + black pants + denim shirt

The basic white T-shirt, which is easy to wear, matches with Black Slim pants, and is well decorated with small thin legs. Is there wood? Handsome matching denim shirt skillfully covers thick legs and fat hips, showing your slender figure, super stylish ~ ~

Matching skills: Classic black-and-white matching shows thin and fashionable. Denim shirts are tied at will to cover thick legs and fat hips, which makes them very thin

Suitable for: suitable for girls with thick legs and fat hips, who like European and American style

Unsuitable for: girls with dark skin

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2. Commuter professional short sleeve T-shirt

Matching points: striped T-shirt + black leggings + flat shoes

Classic striped T-shirts, paired with black leggings, create slender legs, which is very suitable for girls with small thick legs. Plus a pair of fashionable flat shoes, wear a commuter professional white-collar style

Matching skills: loose T-shirts with leggings, wide up and narrow down, very thin

Suitable for people: like Korean clothes, professional white-collar mm, little thick legged girls

Not suitable for: small girls with yellowish skin and thin skin

3. Cute sweet short sleeved T-shirt

Matching points: Pink T-Shirt + denim shorts + canvas shoes

Pink T-shirt, vest stripe with short T-shirt, fresh and fashionable, with torn shorts, more personality and cool, plus a pair of casual canvas shoes, very sweet and cute ~ ~ ~

Matching skills: ultra short jeans can expose most of the skin of the legs as much as possible, which can achieve a high effect

Suitable for: sweet and lovely girls, student girls

Not suitable for the crowd: mature style girls

4. Elegant and atmospheric short sleeve T-shirt

Matching points: grey T-shirt + denim skirt + white belt

Slim fitting grey T-shirt, paired with hip wrapped denim shorts, is a good way to decorate sexy hips, show slender legs, wear an elegant and atmospheric look, and match it with a white belt to make it more fashionable

Matching skills: a slim T-shirt with a slim wrap hip skirt can show a super slim effect

Suitable for people: like simple and temperament mm, pursue comfort

Not suitable for the crowd: fashionable girls who pursue individuality

5. Lazy Casual Short Sleeve T-shirt

Matching points: T-shirt + denim shorts + leopard bag

Loose casual style short sleeved T-shirt, paired with wash water su shorts, publicize personalized fashion style, casually tuck the top into the pants, exude lazy casual style, carrying a leopard bag, can show a fashion style

Matching skills: a loose coat tucked into your pants can lengthen your body proportion and achieve the effect of being taller and thinner

Suitable for people: personality, fashion mm, casual style

Not suitable for: girls with shoulder width and dark skin color

6. Sports style short sleeve T-shirt

Matching points: color matching T-shirt + shorts + flat sandals + Hat

Sporty long digital short sleeved T-shirt, when wearing clothes as a skirt, it can show the fashion style. It is very suitable to wear shorts inside to block out the light. It is cool and comfortable to match with a pair of flat sandals. Wearing a hip-hop hat, it creates a street sports style

Matching skills: wear long T-shirts as skirts, which can show slender legs and achieve a high effect

Suitable for: students, fashionable sports girls

Not suitable for people: girls with thick legs and girls who don’t like sports

what should we pay attention to when matching women’s T-shirts

1. Upper and lower color

Generally, the color matching method of upper shallow and lower deep will produce a stable and stable feeling visually, while the color matching method of upper deep and lower shallow will give people a relatively active and relaxed feeling. When the upper and lower clothes have the same color, you can choose clothes with different fabric texture

2. Inner and outer clothing

Girls need to wear underwear in addition to T-shirts. The color matching of inner and outer clothing should be divided into primary and secondary, and the method of setting off each other can be used to achieve the effect of clear hierarchy. If the coat is shallow, the underwear is deep, and if the coat is deep, the underwear is shallow. If the color is too close, you will feel that there is no distinction between primary and secondary, and lack of vitality

3. Figure

If the figure is not particularly good, you should avoid choosing loose and invisible pieces. It’s certainly not difficult to have a good figure or a thin beauty. You can show your advantages casually. But if you still lack the ignition, you’d better choose a confident T-shirt, and even the collocation should avoid being loose and invisible

4. Pattern

When matching, you should pay attention to the pattern on the T-shirt. It’s too flowery and looks very rustic. Wearing solid color every day will feel boring, and it’s very difficult to grasp the scale. Simple letter printing or soft small broken flowers, as well as such a low-key color contrast, will be a good choice, not vulgar and not greasy

5. Tightness

Wearing T-shirts should avoid being tight on the body and create a feeling of emptiness in order to hide the lack of confidence in the arm. When necessary, you can take a little means to win your confidence. For example, tassels embellish the sleeves, and then lengthen the short sleeves slightly, so that others’ attention will be diverted

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