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good brand women’s clothing not only has good designers and tailors, but also needs to use good raw materials. It is not only beautiful, fashionable, but also the design concept will better conform to human mechanics. So, what are the top ten women’s clothing brands

women’s clothing knowledge

the change of clothing is a history and a microcosm of the development of the times. It is the symbol of progress, civilization, prosperity and prosperity in this era. While recording historical changes, it also reflects a national culture and inherits local historical and cultural customs. Women’s clothing is an indispensable part of it. The clothes worn by women are collectively referred to as women’s clothes. The diversification of women’s clothing brands and styles has promoted the development of fashionenter the women’s wear knowledge lecture

top ten brands of women’s clothing

  • vero Moda (Lingzhi fashion (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.)
  • (400-862-8888, Vero Moda was founded in 1987. It is a well-known women’s clothing brand under bestseller, a Danish Fashion Group. It is committed to creating modern and elegant exquisite fashion for modern women over the age of 25 who are independent and confident. So far, Vero Moda has spread across more than 200 cities in China, with more than 1800 franchised stores, and is committed to providing customers with a full range of services.)
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  • only (Lingzhi fashion (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.)
  • (400-8628888, belonging to bestseller group, began in Denmark in 1995 and entered China in 1996. It is a world-famous fashion women’s brand. Only brand focuses on young women aged 22 to 35, and is widely loved by consumers with bright personality design and iconic Nordic fashion. At present, only is located in more than 300 cities in Chinese Mainland, with a total of about 1800 stores.)
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  • UNIQLO UNIQLO (Fast Retailing (China) Trading Co., Ltd.)
  • (021-33382288, founded in 1963 in Japan, is a listed company in Japan and a well-known brand in the global clothing retail industry. Its products include men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, infant clothing, etc. it is famous for its emphasis on daily practicality, high quality and low price, and its minimalist design creates classic items for people’s daily wear. The brand adopts supermarket style self-service shopping. By 2020, UNIQLO has more than 2300 stores around the world.)
  • Evely eifini (Hangzhou Yifu Industrial Co., Ltd.)
  • (0571-89383159, evry was founded in 2001. It is a well-known women’s clothing brand, with French elegance, self-confidence and nature as its brand style. Evry pays attention to the detail design of clothing, and matches it with simple styles to show a pleasant impression of style design. It solves the needs of women in various occasions through different matching methods, reflecting the wearing concept of happiness, elegance and fashion.)
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  • peacebird peecebird (peacebird Group Co., Ltd.)
  • (400-160-3877, founded in 1996, is targeted at young consumers aged 20-30. It is a well-known fashion clothing group in China. It has many brands, such as taipingniao, leting, mini peace children’s clothing, material girls’ clothing, Beitian children’s clothing, taipingniao home furnishing, etc. by 2020, taipingniao has opened more than 4600 physical stores in 31 provinces and cities across the country, and achieved an omni channel retail sales of 12.8 billion yuan in 2020.)
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  • leting Ledin (taipingniao Group Co., Ltd)
  • (leting belongs to taipingniao group, which advocates a young and energetic women’s clothing brand with the brand style of “sweetness, elegance and vitality”. Leting focuses on young women aged 16-22 who are young, fashionable, sunny and energetic, and advocates mixing different shapes with interesting and fashionable pieces, decorating different moods, so that many young women who pursue fashion can truly experience the fun of fashion.)
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  • ochirly oshili (Guangzhou shangcen Clothing Co., Ltd.)
  • (400-880-0086, the fashion women’s wear brand of eureki International Group, which began in Italy in 1999. It brings European fashion into China and launches the unconventional mix and match concept. With its trendsetting design, distinctive colors, exquisite details, unique board shape and collocation, the brand exudes a modern, confident, charming, relaxed and elegant fashion temperament.)
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  • Lily (Shanghai Silk Group Co., Ltd.)
  • (400-891-9135, as the pioneer of young ol business fashion, Lily adheres to the concept of the integration of fashion and business, and designs “just right” business fashion for urban young professional women in a fresh, lively, modern and simple style. At present, Lily business fashion has opened more than 700 brand stores in China and more than 70 retail stores in 10 overseas countries such as Russia, Thailand and Singapore.)
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  • chiushui (Zhejiang impression Industry Co., Ltd.)
  • (400-809-5108, chiushui women’s clothing was started in 1996, and is the main brand of impression Industry Co., Ltd. It is positioned as an intellectual, elegant and simple urban fashion women’s clothing brand, and is based on urban working women between the ages of 28-38, fully interpreting the workplace style of simplicity without losing monotony, personality without losing classic, fashion and femininity.)
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  • teenieweenie (Jinhong Fashion Group Co., Ltd.)
  • (021-80361818, a brand of Jinhong fashion group, a well-known domestic fashion enterprise. The brand focuses on the classic Ivy League style. It is a casual clothing manufacturer with a unique bear family story as the background and a cute baby bear as the brand image. Teenie weenie’s business has expanded from women’s clothing to men’s clothing, accessories, coffee, life shops and other business fields, covering thousands of stores in many cities across the country, and is widely popular Recognition and favor of consumers.)
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Enter to view the complete list. The list of brands above the list is obtained by the cn10/cnpp brand data research department through data collection, collation, big data statistical analysis and research. It is sorted in no order and is only provided for your reference. Vote for my favorite women’s wear brands List of well-known (famous) women’s wear brands (2022): including top ten women’s wear brands + mo& Co, handu Yishe, 3colour, Zara Sala, Inman, fiveplus, bosden, Goblin Pocket ELF sack, ur, Semir, Metersbonwe, Desu dazzle, e · land Yilian, Yiner Yiner, more brands

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conclusion the brand grade is obtained by cn10/cnpp brand data research department through data collection and sorting, and based on big data statistics and artificial analysis and research according to the changes of market and parameter conditions. It is the real and objective result of big data, cloud computing and data statistics. It’s not accreditation, competitive ranking, commendation and selection, or evaluation and comparison. Enterprises can apply for declaration freely or be collected by cn10/cnpp brand data research department. It’s sorted in no order, and it’s only for your reference.

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