how to match the lower body of the short sweater

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in autumn, the sweater should be the most popular dress. The matching of the sweater is fashionable and simple, so many young people like to buy the sweater. The short sweater is the type that girls love to buy, which can well repair the height ratio

how to match the lower body of the short sweater

I: the white short sweater + blue jeans leg pants

the white sweater looks younger and fresh. The short version can improve the waistline. It is very good-looking and also very good to match. The wide leg jeans are very popular in autumn. When these two fashionable and good-looking pieces are matched together, they can also look like street leisure. It’s cool

II: green short sweater + apricot skirt

the sweater is really a basic style for thousands of years. It is very simple and very good-looking. This green sweater is more versatile and durable. With this apricot skirt below, it seems that the body proportion of the whole person is relatively good, showing a playful and lovely style, which is very suitable for autumn

III: black short sweater + apricot jeans

this black sweater has a small short hooded design. The upper body is high and the legs are long. The loose version is also very thin and covers the flesh. An apricot jeans underneath is very trendy. When you go out in autumn, you can earn enough return

what to wear in the sweater

T-shirts, shirts, polo shirts, small high collar bottoms, etc. can also be worn in the sweater when the weather is cold. The skirt in the spring and autumn sweater has more temperament, and the long sweater is OK as long as it is not very swollen

the style of the sweater is versatile, and there are many bottoms inside, such as striped shirts or plaid shirts, dresses or suspender skirts. In fact, the sweater and shirt are a relatively fixed match. The sweater and shirt will be very casual. Generally, the long shirt will be selected, so that the cuffs, hem and collar can be exposed. The lower body can be worn with a pair of jeans, which is also very classic

the lower body of the short sweater can be matched with the blue jeans leg pants. The blue jeans leg pants themselves are the lower body that shows the figure. With the loose short sweater, the figure will be more tall. The green short sweater is matched with the apricot skirt. This kind of matching is versatile and durable, and is very suitable for autumn

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