What Kind Of Hair Style Does The Evening Dress Wear? How To Comb The Hair Style Of The Evening Dress

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Abstract: evening dress, as its name suggests, is a formal dress worn at night, which can foil women’s bodies and highlight noble and elegant temperament. When wearing evening dress, you usually need to match a delicate hairstyle. Wavy Curls, braided hair, curled hair, fluffy short hair, big Wavy Curls and other hairstyles are more suitable. You can choose the right hairstyle according to the color and style of evening dress. Here are some ways to comb the hair of evening dress. If you are interested, let’s have a look

I. what isevening dress

Evening dress is a formal dress worn after 20:00 in the evening. It is the highest grade, most distinctive and fully personalized dress style in women’s dress. It mostly uses some gorgeous and noble materials, such as mercerized fabric and shiny satin. Evening dress is also called evening dress, dinner dress and prom dress. It is often matched with clothes such as shawls, coats and cloaks, and forms an overall dressing effect with gorgeous decorative gloves

Evening dresses emphasize women’s slim waist, exaggerate the weight of the skirt below the hips, and fully reveal the shoulders, chest and arms, leaving room for gorgeous jewelry. For example, the low neckline design highlights nobility and elegance with a strong sense of decoration, with emphasis on inlay, embroidery, fine pleats at the neck, gorgeous lace, bows, roses, giving people the impression of classical and orthodox clothing

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II. What kind of hairstyle does the evening dress look good with

Evening dress is usually worn on more formal occasions. When matching, the choice of hairstyle is also very important. A good-looking hairstyle can make the evening dress match more dazzling. So what hairstyle is better for evening dress

1. Shawls and Wavy Curls can highlight the femininity of women. With beautiful dresses, they are very sexy and beautiful

2. When matching with elegant evening dress, you can choose to braid your hair, which looks noble and decent

3. When women with short hair wear short evening gowns, if they don’t want to pull up their hair, they can also choose to blow their hair out in a certain shape, which makes them feel capable and charming as a whole

4. When matching the off shoulder style dress, you can choose to roll up your hair high to make your neck look slender, and leave some broken hair decorations on both sides, so that the neck will not appear monotonous

5. When matching the evening dress made of lace, you can braid your hair and decorate it with some flowers, just like the spirit coming out of the forest, full of Fairy Spirit

6. Match it with a pure white long dress evening dress. You can match a shiny and exquisite hair accessories on the low-key hair, making the overall feeling of low-key luxury

III.evening dresshow to comb your hair

1. Issuing

Curl your hair high, or curl up your beautiful hair. It is suitable for people with long hair, heavy hair, and rough hair. It gives people a simple and clean sense of nobility. Comb method: first divide the hair into two batches, tie them into loose braids, wrap the upper part around and stuff them into the hair, so that the hair on the top of the head doesn’t look so dry. Wrap the lower part to the right a few more times, wrap it tightly, stuff the hair tail into the first half of the hair, fix it with invisible clips, and then spray styling gel

2. Fresh short hair

It is suitable for people with well-organized hair and tall stature. Comb method: divide the hair on both sides irregularly, and then use a curling stick to curl the left end of the hair slightly to the right cheek, and the right end of the hair slightly to the outside. Immediately, the whole hair style is full of vitality

3. Elegant retro

Comb method: pile the long hair on one side, and the bangs make beautiful hand waves; Or you can pin your short hair neatly behind your ears, turn around, show your whole beautiful back, and turn your face sideways, which is also a classic picture that Hollywood will not change. It is suitable for people with long and short hair and large hair volume

4. Fluffy system

For long hair, you can use an electric curling rod with a larger diameter to make the hair tail more airy and layered, adding softness. At the same time, the sexy back looms under the swing of the hair, which is very beautiful. If it is fluffy and short hair, it can also reduce the age of the overall shape and create a spiritual and capable feeling. Any hair style or hair quality can be created in this way, which is also a time-saving practice. Suitable for all kinds of hair styles and hair volume

5. Wavy Curls

Comb method: simply divide the hair into three or seven parts, pull the more side to the top of the head, and pull it all the way behind the ears. Use a hairpin to shape it. Pay attention to the meticulous combing of hair with wax

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