what to match with the dark green coat

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the dark green coat is a very popular color at present. We must coordinate the color matching, otherwise we will wear a strange effect. So what is the appropriate match with the dark green coat? How to match the color

what to match with dark green coat

1. Dark green coat + black piece. These two colors are relatively close in color system, which is harmonious and not abrupt. Black is thin, so the overall visual sense is still great! In addition, if the heart shape is monotonous, you can choose to wear a nine point suit to expose your ankles or wear worn pants to expose a little bit of leg skin

2. Dark green + white. As the brightest white in the color, it breaks the low-key of dark green. The clean shirt makes the whole person more energetic. The color matching is more plump because of the impact. The collocation of white is different from that of black. Dark green and white mix will make green glow with a sense of opportunity and more fashionable

3. Dark green + camel. The high-level feeling of these two winters, paired together, has no sense of conflict, but a little more dense and beautiful! The warm camel color and the cold dark green color are just in harmony. Matching with some metal accessories makes the overall shape feel stronger

dark green trench coat with what pants

dark green trench coat can be matched with black pants, such as black leather pants, which not only have a mature queen style, but also look better with an elegant handbag. Dark green windbreaker can also be matched with jeans to give you a feeling of youth and vitality

dark green clothes with scarf color

1. Dark green coat + orange scarf

if you like bright colors, you might as well choose an orange scarf to match them. Dark green belongs to the dark color system. If your skin is white, choose an orange scarf to match it. The strong color difference has a good contrast effect, breaking the dull and monotonous impression in winter. The whole is bright, fresh and temperament, giving people a bright feeling

2. Dark green coat + black scarf

black scarf is a high-profile item in winter. Friends who are more lazy can also choose to match black scarf with dark green coat. This matching method gives people a sense of calm and atmosphere, and also shows their temperament. However, Xiaobian suggested that beige or white should be selected for the bottoming shirt, and the combination of dark and bright colors should not give people too depressed feeling

dark green overcoats can be matched with white or black T-shirts. White and black have always been more versatile colors. Dark green overcoats can be matched with camel color, which has no sense of conflict, but a little more beautiful

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