what kind of pants does the windbreaker match?

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with the arrival of autumn and winter season, you need to add an extra coat to keep warm when you go out. Among them, the windbreaker is a kind of clothing you can often see on the street, which can not only help keep warm but also be fashionable. What kind of pants does the windbreaker match

what kind of pants do you wear for windbreaker?

windbreaker and wide leg pants

wide leg pants are a fashion item that does not pick up legs and people. They have their own ability and demeanor. They can help you shape concave all the year round. They can be worn with a mature windbreaker and high heels, so that you can easily wear intellectual temperament. They are a must-have for commuters

trousers with windbreaker

suit pants are a necessary fashion item for mm in the workplace. If you are tired of wearing a suit, you might as well change into a windbreaker. It is definitely a good choice. It is full of British style. Women in the workplace have a strong aura. You can choose to wear a casual sneaker on your feet. Although it looks like a mix and match style, your temperament will be improved if you wear a windbreaker

bifurcated pants with windbreaker

bifurcated pants are a thin piece. Many fashion bloggers will use bifurcated pants to brush the street. They are personalized and fashionable. Wearing a windbreaker outside will make your overall shape more advanced. You can choose to wear an ankle boot to help you easily create a light and familiar feeling

what kind of shoes should the trench coat be equipped with?

the first pair: Lok Fu shoes

the retro Lok Fu shoes are still very popular in the current fashion circle. There are many matching styles of Lok Fu shoes. For example, the pure black Lok Fu shoes below are very versatile and very thin to wear. The windbreaker is matched with Lok Fu shoes, which looks natural and unrestrained. It shows the advantages of body in a big way, and looks very thin

the advantage of lofook shoes is that they are easy to wear without tying the shoelaces, so they can be used for reference in daily collocation. Brown, khaki or black are good choices. They are versatile and fashionable

second pair: small white shoes

secondly, we can also consider the collocation of small white shoes. Small white shoes look very simple and are indispensable for daily collocation. The biggest advantage of small white shoes is that they are very convenient and versatile. 80% of our daily collocations can use small white shoes to create concave shapes, easily reflect your good temperament and create different styles

although many people say that small white shoes are rotten on the street, you still won’t choose. It’s enough to combine basic small white shoes with windbreaker, which is simple and fashionable

windbreaker with long skirt or short skirt

windbreaker + short skirt

the collocation of windbreaker and short skirt is simply not too fashionable. Although it is autumn weather, it is still warm in summer, so it is not against the rules to wear phrases in a windbreaker. And it is also very friendly for short girls. It can also modify your body proportion and show your long legs at the same time

the sense of leisure and fashion comes out. The medium and long windbreaker coat creates a full sense of atmosphere. The neatly cut V-neckline can change different shapes. The exquisite button design increases the sense of hierarchy of the clothes

smooth and neat line cutting, ingeniously modifying the leg shape and body. Moreover, the waist adopts a high waist design, which fully shows the gentle and independent personality of modern urban women. The buttons are embellished to easily light up the whole shape

the trench coat is equipped with wide leg pants, which can make your body look taller. A trench coat and high heels are very sexy and temperament. The trench coat is equipped with trousers, which is full of British style

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