Can Beach Pants Be Used As Swimming Trunks? Introduction To Beach Pants Matching

Absrtact: a pair of beach pants full of summer style can help you attract more attention. As a must-have item for seaside holiday, the selection and matching of beach pants are also very particular. If you spend some time, beach pants can also be worn on the street, as long as you can hold everyone’s eyes. However, if you want to go into the water, you can’t just wear beach pants. It would be very embarrassing to come out of the water like that! Next, let’s take a look at the matching strategy of beach pants with Xiaobian< p> can beach pants be used as swimming trunks

answer: No

reason 1: the waistband of the pants was not tight. When they got wet in the water, they regretted becoming heavier, resulting in the pants falling off after landing, causing a very embarrassing situation

reason 2: the material of beach pants tends to become somewhat transparent after wetting, which is very unsightly

reason 3: when swimming, athletes require that the resistance between swimming trunks and water should be small, so swimming should not take beach trunks as swimming trunks

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beach pants matching strategy

a, key points of beach pants

1. Length: for Asian men, if you are not a figure like long legged Europa, the oversized Bermuda shorts tend to appear spiritless and short legs, Cropped pants or shorter are a better choice

2. Color: if you are looking for a versatile beach shorts, the reliable choice is the eternal classic color like navy, and other colors like charcoal, khaki, black or light sky blue are also versatile. On this basis, the color of the second pair of shorts can be bolder – Hawaiian prints, abstract geometric patterns or artistic oil paintings can be tried. This season, cartoon patterns are also very popular. Of course, if you are wearing suit style beach shorts, the solid color effect is much better than the pattern

3. Shape: sportsmen should choose a looser style. Tight beach pants will make you look too strong and aggressive. Boys with small and fresh style suggest to choose fancy or geometric styles. The slightly inflated visual effect makes you more masculine. In addition, as an aside, it is better not to choose the low waist style for Asian candidates to choose the flat angle swimming trunks, because the swimming trunks will appear very wide and the legs are very short. Unless the body is hot enough to burst, do not easily try the popular ultra-low waist style

b. collocation of beach pants

1. Collocation of vest and T-shirt

in addition to beautiful muscles, the best friends on the beach and beach shorts should be vests and T-shirts. Tropical plant printing has become a popular printing style in many fashion brands this season – printing is a fashion element that can not be ignored in this year’s spring and summer menswear. The matching pieces are mainly simple solid colors. If you want to try the mix and match style of printing collision, you must pay attention to the contrast of strength and area

2. Matching shirts

it is also possible to match shirts with beach shorts. At this time, you can wear sunglasses, sandals on your lower body, and straw woven shoes for those who are more fashionable. Of course, if you are not on holiday but go to work, it is OK to match the suit style beach pants with a formal shirt or even a small suit (please automatically calculate the air conditioning energy of your company). In short, we should dare to try, and always think about what Yaosi Yamamoto said: what is more boring than dressing up properly

3. Other accessories

fashionable slippers beach shoes are undoubtedly an essential companion for beach wear. However, if you play volleyball or do other sports on the beach, a pair of sports shoes that fit your feet and are suitable for sand activities is undoubtedly the best choice

if you are going to a party at the seaside, wearing a gentleman’s hat or a bracelet is a good way to avoid losing interest

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