The Length Of Hot Pants Is Generally Appropriate. Do You Want To Wear Safety Pants Inside The Super Short Hot Pants

Abstract: the length of hot pants is relatively short, so they are sexy. Generally, the length of normal hot pants is around the thigh root, about 25cm long. There are also some ultra short hot pants, only more than ten centimeters long, but few people wear them out. Many female friends don’t know whether to wear safety pants in hot pants. In fact, they usually don’t wear them under normal circumstances. First, they don’t look good, and second, they are too hot. However, if they are hot pants such as chiffon, or there is a risk of exposure, they should still wear safety pants. Let’s learn about the length of hot pants< p> I. the length of hot pants is generally appropriate

Hot pants are a kind of super shorts. Their length is shorter than ordinary shorts, which can fully show the leg lines. Therefore, they are more popular. Many female friends wear hot pants in summer. What is the general length of hot pants

In fact, there is no special requirement for the length of hot pants. It is generally around the thigh root, and it is better to be 25cm or more normally; However, there are also some ultra short hot pants, which are relatively short in length and will show their bottoms if they are not careful. This kind of pants may only be more than ten centimeters long, and it is still relatively rare to wear them out

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II. Do you need to wear safety pants inside the super short hot pants

When wearing miniskirts in summer, women usually wear safety pants. On the one hand, it is for hygiene, on the other hand, it is also to avoid exposure. Hot pants and miniskirts are similar in nature. Do you wear safety pants when wearing hot pants

1. Generally, wearing hot pants does not mean wearing safety pants. After all, hot pants are not like short skirts. They have crotch and are not easy to walk away; Moreover, the length of the safety pants is relatively long. If you wear the safety pants inside the hot pants, if the length of the hot pants is slightly shorter, the legs of the safety pants will be exposed, which looks ugly and a bit awkward; Another reason is that wearing hot pants is meant to be cool. Wearing a pair of safety pants will be a little hot

2. However, there are some special cases. Safety pants should be worn inside the hot pants, such as Chiffon hot pants. Because of their special materials, they will appear a little transparent, so they need to wear safety pants to avoid exposure; In addition, due to design factors, the short A-line hot pants will be loose in the thigh area, so it is easy to walk away when sitting down. They also need to wear safety pants

To sum up, whether to wear safety pants inside the hot pants mainly depends on the version and fabric of the hot pants. If there is a risk of exposure, it is better to wear a pair of safety pants; Normal hot pants are not necessary

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