how to match the jacket down jacket

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down jacket is an essential warm clothing in winter. It is favored by the public because it is light and comfortable to wear. Down jacket is also divided into different types. For example, how to match the jacket down jacket

how to match jacket and down jacket

for jacket and down jacket, you can choose to wear sweater or shirt inside, so that the overall effect will be more beautiful and natural. It looks casual with sweaters, pants, jeans, overalls and sneakers. This kind of collocation is also very nice. The bottoms can be matched with sports pants and casual pants, which are very generous and coordinated

the difference between down jacket and down jacket

down jacket can be divided into: down jacket, down jacket, down vest (VEST), down pants, medium and long down jacket, long down jacket, etc

that is, down jacket is included in down jacket. Down jacket is only one category of down jacket

the down jacket is relatively shorter and slightly thinner. It is worn in autumn or early winter (not very cold)

how to wash down jackets

it is recommended to wash down jackets by hand: 90% of down jackets are marked to be washed by hand and must not be dry cleaned. 1. We prepare a basin of lukewarm water that is not too hot, add an appropriate amount of detergent, stir and mix. 2. Although washing machines are now more popular, it is not recommended to put down clothes into the washing machine for cleaning. 3. It can be used to clean down clothes, washing powder or detergent or soap

for jackets and down jackets, you can choose sweaters or shirts, which is more casual and natural. For bottoms, you can choose cotton pants, overalls, sports pants and jeans. In fact, jackets and down jackets are more versatile

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