The Difference Between Swimsuit, Underwear And Bikini Can You Swim In Bikini

Abstract: when summer comes, you can go to the beach to play with a bathing suit. It is also a good time for girls to show their bodies. Swimsuits are different from the underwear we usually wear. Swimsuits are mainly worn for underwater sports. Therefore, swimsuits should be waterproof and elastic. They are often made of DuPont Lycra, nylon, polyester and other fabrics with good waterproof and elasticity. Underwear is mainly made of pure cotton fabrics to protect breasts. Bikini belongs to swimsuits, but it is more sexy than ordinary swimsuits. It is suitable for girls who are bold and like to pursue new things. Let’s have a look with Xiaobian< p> what is the difference between swimsuits and underwear

1. Different functions

swimsuits should be suitable for underwater sports, which requires that swimsuits should be waterproof and elastic, and the resistance to water during underwater sports should be small. In order to achieve this, swimsuits will be designed into very tight styles. The main function of underwear is to protect women’s breasts and play a role in supporting and shaping. The manufacturing process is complex. At the same time, it is comfortable to wear and cannot be too tight, so it is close to the skin, breathable and hygroscopic, and can keep the skin dry at any time

2. Different fabrics

the material selection angles of swimwear and underwear are completely opposite, mainly reflected in the hydrophilicity of the fabrics. Swimwear is usually made of DuPont Lycra, nylon, polyester and other fabrics with good water resistance and elasticity, while underwear is mostly made of pure cotton fabrics with good water absorption

3. Different appearances

swimsuits are worn outside. They pay more attention to visual effects in design. The materials are relatively thick, the appearance is fashionable, and there are many styles and patterns. The underwear is more light and thin, mainly in solid color, and the style is not as much as the swimsuit

4. Different management methods

after swimming, clean the swimsuit in time, otherwise it may affect the elasticity and color of the swimsuit, resulting in fabric relaxation and fading. The swimsuit must be cleaned with warm water, otherwise it may be deformed. The water temperature should be controlled at about 20 ¡æ. After cleaning, dry in the shade and do not expose to the sun. Underwear is different. Hot water cleaning has always been the most commonly used method for cleaning underwear. Boiling water and sun exposure are the most effective sterilization methods for underwear

therefore, swimsuits cannot be worn as underwear, nor can underwear be worn as swimsuits. Swimsuits are usually only worn during swimming in summer, while underwear is worn all year round. Swimsuits cannot replace underwear, because swimsuits do not have the permeability and moisture absorption of underwear. Similarly, underwear cannot replace swimsuits, because underwear does not have the water resistance of swimsuits, and pure cotton underwear will become translucent after absorbing water, which is easy to cause embarrassment

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what is the difference between swimsuit and bikini

1. The traditional definitions are different

swimsuit and bikini are very different in the traditional definitions, but they also have the same place. They are all worn for swimming, but the traditional swimsuits are tightly wrapped, It’s like the clothes we wear everyday, but the cloth is different. Except for the skin of our arms and feet, no other places will be exposed. Bikini is basically the same as underwear. Wearing it seems to completely expose your body. Girls without a good figure should not try

2. Different design concepts

bikini refers to a simple three-point swimsuit that shows your body without stinging. What kind of swimsuit has a small waist and big long legs, which can be said to be very sexy. It is also a kind of swimsuit, but the basic swimsuits are based on one-piece style, bra style and skirt swimsuit. Generally, bikinis are suitable for walking shows, It is rare on the beach or in the swimming pool. They are mainly classic swimsuits. Swimsuits can cleverly hide your excess flesh. Many girls will worry that their flesh will not leak out and feel ugly, so they should choose these swimsuits. However, many girls feel that their bodies are very good and want to show them to everyone. At this time, it is better to choose a bikini. The question is how you choose the style you want

3. Different meanings of wearing

swimsuits are more suitable for traditional and introverted girls. They are all conservative. Even if some swimsuits have a bikini, they will put on another one outside. This is also very good. At least they are sexy and fashionable, but bikini is suitable for girls who are bold and like to pursue new things

can you swim in a bikini?

you can swim, but it’s better to swim in places like the seaside rather than in crowded swimming pools. Bikini swimsuits are not suitable for competitive swimming training, because there are not many specifications and packages for women’s prominent breasts and hips, so they lose energy and reduce speed. So if you want to swim seriously and exercise seriously. It is recommended to wear one-piece or split swimsuits with strong wrapping ability. This way, the movement will be crisp

in addition, please choose the swimsuit you think is beautiful. As for the issue of exposure, I think that both men and women are “prostitutes who see sex”. Just don’t always worry about things related to mind and sex

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