what kind of coat does the blue sweater wear?

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the blue sweater is a very fashionable dress. Blue is a cool and bright color. As long as it is well matched, it will look very fashionable and temperament. The following Xiaobian will bring you some ways to wear it

what kind of coat does the blue sweater match

1. Match with the black coat

black is a relatively stable color, and the black coat gives people a stable feeling, which also makes the overall clothing look warm and will not float. It’s good to match a pair of shoes casually, which won’t lead to top heavy wearing. However, the combination of black and blue can make the wearer look elegant and elegant. The light blue sweater will appear soft, while the dark blue sweater gives people a feeling of maturity and atmosphere

2. Match with off white coat

white and off white are similar, but off white looks more yellow than white, while yellow and blue are comparative colors. When these two colors are combined, they are very durable. Off white looks more lively than white, which will also make the wearer look younger and more suitable for daily wear

3. Match with gray coat

in the color system, blue and gray are relatively close to each other, so they will be very harmonious and will not make people feel confused. Gray is also a very low-key color. When it is matched with blue, it will not cover the color of the sweater, while the blue sweater with the gray coat will give a very advanced feeling, especially suitable for professional women

what kind of pants does a blue sweater match?

blue sweater matches jeans. Jeans are a very classic color, which will also make our clothes look good and have their own unique style. Therefore, when we wear these light blue jeans, we don’t have to worry about being abrupt. If we wear a looser pair of jeans, we can decorate our imperfect leg shape to look good. Therefore, we can give ourselves more try, especially the girls with fat lower body, Is very suitable

what to match with the blue sweater?

[cowboy blue coat + Beige turtleneck]

cowboy blue is the most classic representative of blue, and it doesn’t choose the skin color. A beige turtleneck sweater is built inside to highlight your temperament, especially for literary and artistic girls. It is to help you complete a beautiful dream and realize a perfect encounter

[denim blue coat + long black sweater]

the loose and casual style of denim blue coat is the most goddess like coat. Match it with a long black sweater, and walk slowly from the roadside with a small bag. What is the integration of coat and sweater, showing your goddess

[“haze blue” coat + white sweater]

haze blue coat, sleeves and clothes are decorated with pearls, with a strong lady style. Matching with the white sweater, it gives people a feeling of lady and quiet. A pair of white short sleeves make the cow look like a literary goddess on the street. It is thin and beautiful

the blue sweater is matched with the black coat. Needless to say, black is a very versatile and cool color, which can neutralize some of the more attractive color systems. The combination of black and blue is very harmonious. It looks very energetic when matched with a pair of boots

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