[Encyclopedia Of Western Trousers] How To Wash The Western Trousers? What Kind Of Jacket Does The Western Trousers Match

trousers are undoubtedly very important to professionals. Whether they are matched with a handsome white shirt or a more stylish suit, they can make you look more energetic. Nowadays, many people are pursuing taste and how to match the trousers to be more fashionable. This issue of trousers encyclopedia tells you how to match casual trousers well? How do I wash my trousers? I hope it can help you

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    1 brief introduction to trousers

    trousers mainly refer to the trousers worn together with the suit top. As the trousers are mainly worn in office and social occasions, on the premise of being comfortable and natural, attention should be paid to the coordination with the shape. When cutting, the amount of relaxation is moderate, giving people a sense of peace and steadiness. The production process and shape of trousers have been basically internationalized and standardized. The process of Western shorts is basically the same as that of Western pants. The length varies above the knee. You can choose according to your own needs

    2 trousers size comparison chart

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    3 what kind of jacket does the trousers look good with

    perhaps, when it comes to trousers, you first think of matching with a suit. However, as a trend leading element, trousers do not just stick to a monotonous style of matching. With different tops, trousers can also show different styles. Now let’s take a look at some casual pants matching skills. [details]

    • kitchen storage kitchen storage kitchen matches with knitted T-shirt, showing relaxed and free
    • kitchen storage kitchen matches with shirt and tie, showing natural and smart
    • kitchen storage kitchen matches with suit top, showing more preciseness and composure
    • kitchen storage kitchen matches with jacket, Show business and leisure

    4. What kind of shoes do trousers match

    trousers + leather shoes

    When attending important occasions, it is best for men to wear formal clothes. They also choose formal leather shoes, such as Oxford Shoes, Derby shoes or Munk shoes. At the same time, they can also show more delicate and full of British feelings

    trousers + loafers

    A little bit more business and leisure, or for occasions where the dress requirements are not strict, you can also match men’s trousers with lofook shoes full of gentleman’s flavor. Lok Fu shoes originally represent a kind of leisure and casual attitude towards life, which is more free and easy for men with casual trousers

    trousers + sneakers

    For casual occasions or daily wear, sports shoes can also match with trousers. In particular, the sports style is very popular. Street men and trendsetters use fashionable little white shoes to match their trousers. The versatile nature of the little white shoes and the effect of age reduction make you wear effortless fashion every minute

    trousers + canvas shoes

    Finally, the style is more academic. You can also use canvas shoes to match your trousers. No matter the style of high top or low top, it can make you wear youthful vitality. It’s more fashionable to roll up your trouser legs to expose your ankles. You can do the same if you want to wear casual clothes. [details]

    5 women’s trousers matching

    1. Grey trousers matching with bowknot style deep V-neck short sleeve shirt, the white simplicity contains a sense of mystery

    2. Khaki trousers and bright yellow pointed collar dress shirt bring dazzling visual impact. They are the first choice for white-collar beauties

    3. Black trousers and red knitted cardigan are the most popular fashion items in autumn. The casual style design makes white-collar workers look more casual

    4. The linen formal suit coat is matched with the suit pants of the same color, showing the natural color of handsome and capable

    With the impact of fashion concept on workplace norms, many young women no longer wear trousers and shirts to work, but instead wear dresses with suits, jeans with shirts and other more fashionable matching methods. Therefore, if you think your dress is a little old-fashioned, you might as well change a style! [details]

    6 selection of trousers

    hue : the selection of trousers first depends on whether the color of the fabric is coordinated with the matching suit. Generally speaking, there are more dark colors. People above middle age look solemn, deep and meaningful in dark colored trousers; Young people wear light colored trousers, which make them look lively and lively

    texture : if you want to wear your own suit coat, you should check whether the fabric is consistent with the top and whether there is color difference; If it is a one-piece suit, the selection range is much wider. Generally, it is better to use wool polyester fabric

    specification : when purchasing trousers, you should pay attention to waist, hip, crotch, length of trousers, length of stand, fat and thin legs, etc. Among them, the length of trousers has certain flexibility. If the trousers are slightly longer, they can be slightly modified. Other specifications and sizes must be fit, otherwise they cannot be changed. Of course, if you choose the length of your trousers, you should be fat and thin in line with the style of your jacket

    workmanship : the workmanship and ironing of trousers are very exquisite. When shopping, the inner and outer stitches on the left and right of the trouser legs should be combined to see whether the trouser threads are taken from the middle. When trying on, the front and back pleats should be natural and vertical., There should be no creases at the front hem, and the back thigh line is generally 5cm straight to the hip line. Then, carefully check whether the seams of the placket, trouser pocket and trouser waist are firm and uniform, and there should be no serious cutting errors and sewing defects. [details]

    7 how to wash the trousers

    1. Whether it is machine washed or hand washed, the trousers must be washed with cold, warm water, a small amount of soap powder, a little salt, mixed and soaked, which will effectively prevent the fabric from fading. The soaking time shall be controlled within 10-20 minutes, and the water temperature shall not exceed 40 ¡æ. Do not add phosphorus or bleach to soap powder

    2. It is best to wash the trousers once every 1-2 days (summer) or 2-3 days (winter), and wash them frequently and lightly. It’s best to wash by hand. Where you have to scrub, you must be gentle, otherwise it will cause local fading. For machine washing, put all the buttons of the zipper into the washing bag, and turn the machine to the “gentle washing” position

    3. Trousers with different colors should be washed separately to avoid color mixing

    4. Do not screw it out when removing it. When the machine dries, it must be wrapped in a laundry bag or towel before drying

    5. When drying, the reverse side shall be dried, and it shall be exposed to sunlight for a long time as far as possible, otherwise it will cause fading

    6. The dried trousers should be ironed flat with an iron before stacking, so that the trousers are not easy to wrinkle. [details]

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