How To Iron Corduroy Trousers Operation Method Of Ironing Corduroy Trousers

Abstract: corduroy is a kind of cotton fabric, which is cut and raised, and the surface forms longitudinal strips. The corduroy is called corduroy because it looks like corduroy. Corduroy is thick and warm, suitable for making autumn and winter coats, shoes and hats fabrics, curtain, sofa fabrics and other decorative supplies. The fabric, which is woven with double weft weave and then cut and finished, is also called corduroy. The trousers made of corduroy are even more fashionable. However, we know that the trousers need to be ironed in Dali. How can the corduroy trousers be ironed? Now let’s have a look< p> I. operation method for ironing corduroy trousers

The temperature for ironing corduroy suede is 200-250 ¡æ. When ironing, a wet cloth (with a water content of 80-90%) must be padded. While ironing, the wool must be brushed with a brush (usually horizontal or upward in the same direction). The wet cloth can be ironed until the water content is 10-20%. It is not suitable to be too dry, otherwise there will be aurora. If there is an aurora, you have to iron it again with a wet cloth and brush it with a brush, and the aurora can be removed, When the iron directly irons the reverse side, the temperature should be 185-205 ¡æ. When ironing, it should not be too heavy. It should be ironed evenly to avoid aurora or iron marks

1. Raise the iron temperature, iron the front of the trouser waist with a damp cloth, and brush the lint smoothly

Ironing sequence: back sewing ¡ú left back waist ¡ú left front waist (straighten the small trouser line, and the length is consistent with the lower opening of the hand bag) ¡ú right back waist (the back bag cover should be flush, and the bag cover should not be pressed with button print) ¡ú right front waist (the same as the left front waist)

2. Lower the iron temperature and iron the reverse side directly

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II. Ironing sequence

(1) left leg: front leg and bag ¡ú outer seam ¡ú inner seam ¡ú back leg

(2) right trouser leg: front part of trouser leg and bag cloth ¡ú inner trouser seam ¡ú back part of trouser leg

(3) trouser waist: back sewing ¡ú left back waist ¡ú left front waist ¡ú right back waist ¡ú right front waist ¡ú iron the rear bag cover

3. Raise the iron temperature, iron the front of the inner trouser leg with a damp cloth, and brush the fleece smoothly. The upper and lower trouser seams should be aligned, those with curled legs should be sewn well, the width should be equal, the crotch should be ironed, the front and rear trouser threads should be crushed, the front trouser threads should be naturally connected with the small trouser threads on the waist, and the rear trouser threads should be ironed to the position above the lower opening of the handbag

4. Raise the iron temperature, pad a layer of dry cloth and a layer of wet cloth, iron the left and right outer trouser legs, and brush the fleece smoothly. Iron the trouser legs first, then the middle seam, and then the front and rear trouser threads. After ironing, hang them directly with a clothes hanger

III. quality requirements for corduroy trousers

1. The pants are properly hydrated, ironed dry, crisp, and the front fluff is smooth without iron mark or aurora

2. The waist shall be flat inside and outside, without pleats, the small trouser line shall be ironed straight, the length shall be consistent with the lower opening of the hand pocket, and the rear pocket cover shall be free of button print

3. The four trouser seams are separated, aligned up and down, and the crotch is flat without dead pleats

4. Press the front and rear four trouser lines, connect the front trouser line to the small trouser line on the waist, and press the rear trouser line to the position above the lower opening of the handbag

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