Should I Wear Underwear In The Swimsuit? Should I Wear Underwear In The Girls’ Swimming Trunks

Abstract: for girls who like to swim in the summer, swimsuits are essential clothing. Generally, ordinary clothes need to wear underwear inside. However, because the swimsuit has its own cushion, there is no need to wear underwear inside, so it won’t go naked; If you wear swimming trunks, don’t wear underpants inside. After all, underpants are easy to take water when they are wet, which is neither safe nor comfortable; For boys, if they wear swimming trunks, they don’t need to wear underwear, which is healthier and more comfortable, and can highlight the male charm. Let’s find out if you want to wear underwear in your swimming trunks< p> 1. Do you need to wear underwear in your swimsuit?

female friends usually wear swimsuits when they go swimming in the swimming pool. Many women will worry about whether to wear underwear when they wear swimsuits. Some people say they should wear them to avoid going naked; Some people say that wearing swimsuits means not wearing underwear, so which statement is correct? Do you want underwear in your swimsuit

generally speaking, when girls swim, they don’t have to wear underwear and underwear when they wear swimsuits, because the swimsuits will have designs such as breast pads and cushions, and the manufacturers of swimsuits have considered it comprehensively, so they don’t have to worry about going naked; Moreover, wearing underwear in the swimsuit will be very uncomfortable and will also affect the body shape. If you are still worried about losing light, you can choose a less revealing swimsuit, one-piece or separate

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II. Do girls still wear underwear in their swimming trunks

some girls wear split swimsuits, and they will wear swimming trunks below. Do they wear underwear in their swimming trunks

generally speaking, women’s swimming trunks are close fitting, so they don’t need to wear underwear. The design of swimming trunks meets the requirements of people’s movement in the water. It is not only elastic, without any stimulation to the skin, but also convenient to move in the water. In addition, the lining of swimming trunks has a protective effect and will not go bare. If the underwear is worn inside the swimming trunks, the underwear is easy to get wet after entering the water, so it is easy to take in water, resulting in the underwear is very heavy and easy to fall off, which is neither safe nor comfortable

therefore, if girls wear swimming trunks, there is no need to wear underwear inside

III. do men still need to wear underwear in their swimsuits

most girls still wear swimsuits. Men wear more swimsuits. For male friends, many people don’t know whether to wear underwear in their swimsuits. Do men need to wear underwear in their swimsuits? How about wearing underwear in their swimsuits

men usually don’t wear underwear in their swimming trunks. Boys usually wear swimming trunks that are close to their body. If they wear underwear and then wear swimming trunks, they will be bloated, uneven and easy to look like traces; And wearing underwear in the swimming trunks, it will be very uncomfortable to wet the underwear after entering the water, and it will increase the risk of bacteria entering the human body; Another reason for not wearing underwear in men’s swimming trunks is that wearing swimming trunks alone is more sexy and can highlight the male charm

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