what clothes to match the Navy scarf

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in winter, we have to talk about the versatile matching item of scarf. The Navy scarf is a very popular color. The color is darker, so the skin is whiter. What clothes do the Navy scarf match better

what clothes should the Navy scarf match

the Navy scarf looks better with cold color clothes. Generally, it can be matched with white, gray or black, because these colors are universal colors and can match any color

how to match scarves

(1) women with short and fat stature and large bust should choose loose knitted scarves or silk scarves with simple patterns, dark colors and single colors, because dark colors can narrow the visual sense and play a convergent role. The thin and small friends should choose the scarves with simple and simple pattern, simple and elegant, but the colors should be warm colors

(2) jacquard style should be selected for those with concave chest and small chest circumference. The scarf with soft and fluffy texture should give people a rich feeling

(3) for people with narrow or slippery shoulders, choose a lengthened scarf, and hang the two ends of the scarf obliquely on the shoulder to the rear, which will visually make the shoulder relatively wider and thicker

(4) for people with a long neck, men can choose a thickened and lengthened scarf to wrap their neck and shoulders, which will make their neck shorter; Young women should use a loose scarf around their neck, and the color should be close to the top

what skin tone is the Navy scarf suitable for

1 Black

black is a versatile color. Anyone with any skin color will look white when wearing black, especially mm with dark yellow skin. You can choose an exquisite and elegant black scarf for one day, which will look very retro. of course. Black is also the preferred color for professional women in Manhattan, and it is also very suitable for office workers

2. Red

bright red can not only make people look white, but more importantly, it can make their face less yellow, make their face ruddy and healthy. This color is more suitable for generous, enthusiastic and outgoing people

3. Navy

this color also belongs to the cold color and dark color. However, dark color makes people’s skin whiter and has a noble and British tone. Many girls who like European and American style must try to buy a Navy scarf

the Navy scarf is more suitable to match with some white, black and gray clothes. The black woolen coat looks very elegant as a whole. It is also very high in winter. The Navy scarf is a more popular color recently

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