What Are The Benefits Of Running In Tight Pants? Why Do You Wear Tight Pants When Running

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Abstract: exercise makes people healthy and energetic, especially now many people have the habit of running. I don’t know if you have found that many people now wear tight pants when exercising, and some will wear shorts outside the tight pants. Why do you wear tight pants when running? What are the benefits of running in tight pants? In fact, it is because tights and other sports clothes can reduce the fatigue of athletes. They are light and breathable. They can also reduce fatigue and promote sports endurance

I. what are the benefits of running in tight pants

Running tights are made of special materials. People don’t feel constrained when wearing them, and they are very light to exercise. And its main function is to reduce muscle fatigue. As we all know during exercise, especially running, the muscles of the calf and thigh will shake violently, but wearing a tight one will greatly reduce muscle shaking. And muscle shaking will also cause excessive consumption of body energy, so tight pants can also maintain physical strength to a certain extent

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In addition, from the perspective of scientific exercise, due to the pressure of tight pants on the body, the blood can flow back to the heart quickly, and can also greatly improve the energy of the human body, so the muscles will not appear very tired after exercise. In addition, tight pants are lighter than ordinary pants we usually wear, and with good breathability, people feel much more comfortable wearing them

Finally, tight pants can absorb and drain sweat, and can achieve the effect of rapid drying. In the process of running, people must sweat profusely and sweat more. Tights belong to the heterosexual structure of fibers, and the surface area of this structure is larger than that of ordinary pants, and it also has a good dehumidification effect, so it can not only evaporate faster, but also achieve the effect of perspiration

second, why do you wear tights when running

1. Sports clothes such as tight pants can reduce the fatigue of athletes. This is because tights accelerate the blood circulation through different compression forces, so as to promote the venous reflux in the body and timely discharge the metabolism of lactic acid. In other words, wearing tight clothes and trousers can promote the exercise endurance in fitness training

2. Running equipment such as tight pants and tight clothes are conducive to maintaining the best muscle exercise temperature of the human body and accelerating the thermoregulation process of heat and sweat excretion during exercise. In addition, keeping proper muscle temperature during running exercise can reduce the chance of injury and ensure better running effect. This is an important reason to wear tight pants when running

3. Tight fitting clothes can reduce fatigue and promote sports endurance. The most terrible thing in running may not be the impact on the joints, but the resonance generated by the body impact. The body resonance generated by running will make the body tissues, joints, cartilage, etc. vulnerable to wear and damage. Heavy people are particularly vulnerable to resonance. Because the resonance frequency of fat is very close to that of articular cartilage, and the larger the volume and weight of fat, the stronger the resonance effect

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