Four Seasons Color Testing And Color Skills Guide To Four Seasons Color Diagnosis

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color diagnosis refers to the study of the applicability of each color group according to each person’s innate human color, and the division of its corresponding color range. The “four seasons color theory” is a method of color diagnosis. Do you know who is spring type and who is summer, autumn or winter type? What makeup and clothes are suitable for people of different seasons? This issue will introduce you to the color matching of the four seasons

1. Four seasons color test

1. What is your hair like

A: thick, thick, hard, jet black shiny or sesame color B: thin, thin, soft, brown to black

C: thick, thick, shadow, brown brown or black sesame color D: thin, thin, soft, brown to yellow

2. What are your eyes like

A. bright, sharp eyes, a sense of distance b, gentle, calm, friendly, not bright

C. not bright, calm, even covered with a layer of fog D, bright, cute, friendly

3. What is your skin like

A: pale, yellowish, no blush B: pale, thin, yellowish

C: Brown, smooth, thick D: thin and transparent, easy to blush, allergy

4. What is your lip color

A: partial rose color B: partial old, dark and pale

C: old, dark, dark pigment D: orange, bright

test results:

if you have many a’s, you are a winter type; If you have more B, you are summer type; If you have more C, you are autumn type; If you have more D, you are spring type

2 spring type people

characteristics of spring type people

Skin color: light like tooth color, pink, delicate skin, with a sense of transparency; The face is coral pink, salmon flesh color, pink blush

Eyes: active, transparent and flexible like glass beads, feeling watery

Hair: soft yellow, light brown, bright Tan

Lips: coral red, peach red, natural lip color is more prominent

Positive aspects: active thinking, energetic, energetic and flexible

Negative aspects: impatient, unrealistic, publicity, fickle, not down to earth

suitable colors for spring type people

The clothing tone of spring type people belongs to the bright and bright colors in the warm color system. The body color characteristics are consistent with the colors of new green, light yellow and warm pink commonly seen in the spring garden. The color should not be too old or too dark. In color matching, we should follow the bright and contrast to highlight our beauty. The most widely used color for spring type people is yellow. When choosing red, orange red and orange red are the main colors. The finishing touches in clothing are the brightest colors in the spring color group, such as bright yellow green, apricot, light water blue, light gold, etc. In the whole body color matching, there should be a contrast between the main color and the decorative color. Two or more colors can appear on the body at the same time

color matching principles for spring type people

It is not suitable for black. The color should not be too old or too dark. We should highlight our beauty in a clear and contrasting way. It is suitable for yellow. When choosing red, orange red is the main color

makeup colors for spring style people

Foundation make-up: ivory, skin brightening

Eyebrows: dark coffee

Eyeliner: Coffee

Eye shadow: gingko, shallow coral, snow shell, dazzling gold, grass green

Lipstick: Apricot red, orange red, red bean paste, honey red

Rouge: Killer red, light bean, light complexion, light brick red

3 summer type people

characteristics of summer type people

Positive aspects: gentle, kind and quiet

Negative aspects: lack of personality, reserved, depressed

Skin color characteristics: pink, milky white skin, brown skin with blues, wheat skin

Eye characteristics: eyes are soft, the overall feeling is gentle, the eyes are burnt brown, dark brown, and the whites of the eyes feel sky blue

Hair color characteristics: soft black, gray black, soft brown or dark brown

Lips: Light Rose, purple, pink

Overall feeling: mild and cordial, fresh, light and quiet cold tone color group

suitable colors for summer type people

Summer type people belong to the cold color system, and their wearing colors are suitable for being gentle and elegant. The best colors are blue and purple tones. They are not suitable for shiny, heavy and pure colors, but for gentle and vague light colors, so as to set off their gentle and quiet personality. Summer type people are suitable to wear various shades of pink, blue and purple, as well as hazy tones. In color matching, it is best to avoid tones with large contrast, and it is suitable to match shades in the same color phase

color matching principles for summer type people

Choose soft and elegant colors. The best colors are blue and purple. Unsuitable, dark and pure colors

makeup colors for summer people

Foundation make-up: Honey pistil, ivory, scarlet

Eyebrows: grey black

Eyeliner: indigo, coffee

Eye shadow: light purple, light pink, royal blue, bright pink, purple blue

Lipstick: bright rose, purple, warm pink, snow purple, rose red

Rouge: dark pink, dark rose

4 autumn type people

characteristics of autumn type people

Skin color characteristics: ivory white, dark orange, dark camel or yellow orange skin like porcelain

Eye features: the eyes are dark brown, burnt tea, and the whites of the eyes are ivory or slightly green white

Hair color characteristics: Brown, brown, copper, chocolate

Lips: white, some dark purple

Positive aspects: mature, stable, healthy and optimistic

Negative aspects: not active and rigid enough

suitable colors for autumn people

The clothing tone of autumn type people is the calm tone in the warm color system. The rich and gorgeous color sets off the mature and noble temperament of autumn people. The thicker the color, the more it can set off the ceramic skin of autumn people

Autumn type people are more suitable for brown, gold and moss green. They are also the best representative colors of autumn type people, which can set off their confidence and elegant temperament to the extreme. When choosing red, be sure to choose brick red and a color similar to dark orange red. In addition, in the color matching of clothing, it is not suitable for strong contrast colors, and only in the same hue or the intensity matching of adjacent hues can the sense of magnificence be highlighted

color matching principles for autumn people

The color should be warm and rich, and the tone is the calm tone in the warm color system. The most suitable colors are gold, moss green, orange and other deep and gorgeous colors. Wearing black will make your skin yellow, which can be replaced by dark brown

autumn makeup color

Foundation make-up: natural, scallop, brighten skin, light honey, deep apricot

Eyebrows: dark coffee

Eyeliner: charcoal ash, coffee

Eye shadow: gingko, dazzling gold, grass green, light coral, light brown, snow shell

Lipstick: purplish red, cocoa red, light brown coffee, coffee red, bean paste red, bright brown red

Rouge: light brick red, light complexion

5 winter type person

winter type person characteristics

Skin color characteristics: cabbage green, yellowish brown with cyan, cyan or slightly olive. The cold tone can’t see the rosy complexion

Eye features: black and white eyes, sharp eyes, dark black eyes, scorched tea color

Hair color characteristics: hair color characteristics are dark, shiny, dark brown, silver gray, wine red

Lips: dark purple, cold pink

Positive aspects: strong, decisive, frank and confident

Negative aspects: a sense of distance, lack of tenderness and intimacy

suitable colors for winter people

Winter type people are most suitable for solid colors. The colors used on national flags of various countries are the most suitable colors for winter type people. Such as red, emerald blue, black, white and other main colors, ice blue, ice powder, ice green, ice yellow and other colors can be used as embellishments. Among the colors of the four seasons, only winter type people are most suitable to use black, pure white and gray, and navy blue is also the patent color of winter type people. When choosing red, you can choose true red, wine red and pure rose red

color matching principles for winter people

The color tone of winter type people should reflect the “ice” color, which is suitable for the color with coldness and amazement as the tone. Winter type people can only be amazing and refined by comparing and matching. First, there should be contrast colors. Avoid soft colors

makeup colors for winter people

Foundation make-up: crimson, ivory, skin brightening, honey core

Eyebrows: grey black

Eyeliner: indigo, coffee, black

Eye shadow: purple blue, light pink, sky blue, royal blue, light purple, bright pink

Lipstick: bright rose, berry purple, peach purple, cherry red

Rouge: dark pink, dark purple, dark rose

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