What Are The Winter Warm Keeping Products For The Elderly? Precautions For The Elderly To Keep Warm In Winter

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Abstract: winter is coming, and the weather begins to get cold. The old people in the family have the worst resistance. At this time, they will wear thick clothes, maybe scarves and gloves. Then, the commonly used thermal insulation products for the elderly in winter include electric heating treasure, thermal underwear, down clothes, scarves, foot pots and so on. For the elderly to keep warm in winter, they should pay attention to wearing more clothes, diet should be light and healthy, indoor ventilation should be more, and appropriate outdoor sports should be carried out to maintain a good attitude. Now let’s learn about the related knowledge of keeping warm in winter for the elderly

I. what are the winter warm keeping products for the elderly

1. Safe electric heating treasure

Most people are not very good in stomach and intestines when they are old. Once it is cold, it is difficult to keep their stomach and intestines warm no matter how much they wear. When it is cold, the elderly must keep their abdomen warm. In this way, an electric heating treasure is indispensable. When buying an electric heating treasure for your parents, you must remember that don’t be greedy for cheap things for your parents. Safety is the first thing. Now there are many kinds of electric heating treasures on the market, some of which are very cheap and can be bought for more than ten yuan, but many products have a particularly high risk factor and are easy to explode. You can check it. Every year, there will be tragedies caused by the poor quality of diannuanbao. Therefore, we must buy safe and explosion-proof electric heating treasures with safety certificates for our parents

2,thermal underwear

Winter always comes early in some areas, and the temperature is extremely unstable. It’s cold, and your parents can’t lack thermal underwear, but remember to buy two sets, one with plush and thickened, and the other with ordinary ones. Let your parents wear them instead. Thermal underwear is not so warm after wearing it for a year, so parents should stop wearing them and replace them in time

3. Down clothes and trousers

Down clothes and trousers suitable for the elderly can be worn as household clothes at home and coats when going out, which are light and warm. It will get colder and colder after the day. We will always buy a lot of emergency clothes for our loved ones and children. No matter what you did before, from now on, buy a set of down clothes for our parents. The elderly should never let their legs catch cold when they are old

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4. Scarf

Scarf can not only prevent cold wind from pouring into clothes, but also play a decorative role, which is very practical

5. Various tea sets

Some parents like to drink some green tea, and others sometimes drink some tea. The weather is getting colder and colder. Buy some bags of tea for your parents. Remember, choose tea according to your parents’ body. If your stomach is not very good, such as old stomach disease and cold stomach, try to buy better black tea for your parents. Black tea can warm your stomach in winter

6,foot basin

The foot basin used by the elderly is very suitable for parents to use in cold weather, and the price is not very expensive. Parents grow old, and bubble their feet every night before going to bed, which can well relieve fatigue and improve sleep

7. Warm hands

Hand warmers can be roughly divided into three types. One is heated by heating water, which is commonly known as hot water bag. Unlike traditional hot water bags, electric water bags save the trouble of adding water. As long as you plug in the power and wait for 10 minutes, you can heat up. In fact, you boil the water inside, so the general temperature will be very high. There is another kind that generates heat through chemical reaction. This type of hand warming treasure on the market produces heat through the contact of chemical substances inside. The temperature is about 40 ℃. The other is to use the lithium battery function. The internal heating plate heats up and uses the USB interface to charge and discharge, which is similar to the warm hand mouse pad. Because the lithium battery can charge and discharge, it can also be used as a mobile power supply. Small size, easy to carry, the temperature can reach about 50 ℃

8. Oven

Also known as electric oven, electric fire bucket, foot warmer, etc., it is mainly heated by far-infrared radiation and heat diffusion. It can be widely used in residential, office, hotel, hospital, school, simple activity room and other civil and public buildings

II. Precautions for the elderly to keep warm in winter

1. Dress: the elderly are generally afraid of the cold. It is cold in winter, so it is suggested that the elderly should keep warm before going out. Besides keeping warm, wear a hat and scarf

2. Diet: it is appropriate to warm and tonic food, mainly light food, with reasonable collocation, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less greasy food, fried food

3. Medication: elderly people with three high blood pressure and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should take medicine according to the guidance of doctors. Do not increase or decrease drugs without authorization. If necessary, consult a doctor first

4. Ventilation: it is cold in winter, and people are reluctant to open windows. If they don’t open windows for a long time, the indoor air will not circulate, which will cause some respiratory diseases. On sunny days, we should pay attention to opening windows for ventilation

5. Mood: maintaining a good state of mind and avoiding impatience and anxiety is beneficial to the health of the elderly, especially some elderly people who have diseases themselves need to maintain a good mood

6. Sports: in winter, we should also adhere to sports. It is best to get up early and exercise after the sun comes out. When the cold is not so heavy, the effect of sports is generally better around nine o’clock. If you encounter haze, just change to indoor sports

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