What Is A Good Gift For The Elderly? Send Parents Intimate Gifts To Pass Love

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giving gifts to parents and elders is the most common form of expressing filial piety. However, the elderly have different experiences and thoughts from us, and they may not like good gifts we think. So what’s a good gift for the old man? How to choose gifts for the elderly? In fact, whether it’s clothes, health, or other gifts, we’d better understand the preferences and needs of our elders before giving gifts, and don’t blindly chooseGifts, so that we can send gifts to the hearts of our elders. Next, let’s take a look at the detailed gift giving strategies for the elderly with I Xiaobian

Give the old people fashionable clothes

most of the old people are not willing to spend money to add a few new clothes for themselves, and shopping is not an easy thing for most of the old people, so we can consider giving some clothing gifts to the elders to make the old people fashionable

Gift giving strategy: generally, clothes for the middle-aged and the elderly are simple, generous, comfortable and fit, and cotton, linen and silk clothes are more suitable for the elderly; The middle-aged and elderly shoes are better for comfortable walking, light and non slip. Cloth shoes, walking shoes and casual leather shoes are optional; As for accessories, players can carry bags, scarves, pearl jewelry and so on

Send health gifts to the elderly

most of the elderly pay more attention to health care. In addition, it is inevitable that the physical function of people in middle and old age will be weakened in all aspects. Therefore, when we go home to visit our parents and elders, we can bring some nutrition or health care equipment, which is both practical and can express filial piety

Gift giving strategy: it’s best to understand the needs and taboos of the elderly first. Generally, you can send health products that can replenish blood and Qi, improve immunity and prevent three high levels, such as ginseng, donkey hide gelatin, spirulina, propolis and so on; Health care equipment is suitable for foot baths, cervical massagers, sphygmomanometers, blood glucose meters and so on

Send beauty products to the elderly

the passage of time has left too many marks on the faces of middle-aged and elderly people, and the skin elasticity is getting worse and worse. It is natural for the skin to be loose and wrinkled. We might as well give the elderly some anti-aging and beauty products to rejuvenate their youth

Gift giving strategy: you can give the elderly skin care products with lifting and tightening, anti wrinkle and light spots to maintain their skin, mainly essence, eye cream and face cream; You can also send some anti-aging health products to the elderly for internal adjustment, such as grape seeds, collagen powder, bird’s nest, flower glue, soybean isoflavones, etc

Giving electronic products to the elderly

nowadays, the development of science and technology is more and more advanced. Parents and the older generation also need to properly master some electronic products, which can not only bring convenience to the life of the elderly, but also make life more colorful. Therefore, we can also start from this aspect when giving gifts to the elderly

Gift giving strategy: the electronic products used by the elderly must be simple and easy to use. Generally, they can send mobile phones to the elderly, with large screen, large words and large volume, which is convenient for the elderly to use; You can also send radios and theater machines to enrich the amateur life of the elderly; Or smart bracelets, smart watches, monitoring and positioning are correct

Send bedding to the elderly

as the saying goes, “young people rely on food, old people rely on sleep”, which shows the importance of sleep for the elderly. Due to the deterioration of sleep function of the elderly, it is difficult to fall asleep or wake up early at night. We might as well give parents a set of comfortable bedding to help them have a stable sleep

Gift giving strategy: the physiological characteristics of the elderly must be considered when giving bed products. For example, the mattress should be moderately soft or hard; Quilt should choose silk quilt and wool quilt that are close to skin and breathable; Pillows are suitable for cassia seeds, buckwheat and other flower pillows

Give the elderly delicious food ingredients

parents of the older generation are always more frugal, usually always reluctant to buy good, especially some new dishes have never heard of. Therefore, we can buy some special snacks or fresh ingredients to take home, so that parents can also taste fresh

Gift giving strategy: as the elderly have more taboos on eating, it is best to understand their taboos first when choosing. Generally, consider sending some healthy food, such as daily nuts, milk, cereal, tea gift box and so on; Or dried seafood, hairy crabs, imported fruits and other ingredients that the elderly do not often eat

Giving daily necessities to the elderly

parents don’t care about the weight of gifts. Anyway, as long as they can use them, it’s right. Therefore, giving daily necessities to parents and elders is the most practical and worry-free gift. It doesn’t take much effort, but it can reflect our concern for parents

Gift giving strategy: it is best to choose some items that can reduce the burden of parents’ housework and facilitate daily life, such as rotating mops, floor sweeping robots, non stick pot sets, kitchen knife sets, etc., and some practical small household appliances can also be considered, such as soymilk machines, Juicers, egg beaters, etc

Sending cultural goods to the elderly

entering the old age stage, there will be more leisure time. The elderly have more time to specialize in their literary and artistic hobbies, such as singing, calligraphy, chess, etc. we might as well give them some cultural goods, so that the elderly can show their enthusiasm

Gift giving strategy: This is naturally chosen according to the hobbies of the elderly. If the elderly love calligraphy and practice calligraphy, they can give a set of four treasures of study; When the old people watch singing and opera, they can send opera videos and CDs of old songs; Old people love to study history, so they can send some historical biographies; Old people like music and can send erhu, bamboo flute and other musical instruments

Send exercise supplies to the elderly

the elderly need to pay more attention to daily physical exercise. Usually taking a walk and dancing square dance are very beneficial to their health. As children, the younger generation can consider sending matching leisure exercise supplies to the elderly, which is more convenient for them to participate in sports

Gift giving strategy: it is best to choose according to the sports that the elderly often participate in. For example, if you love practicing Tai Chi, you can send props such as practicing clothes, practicing swords, and practicing fans; Love dancing, can send dance shoes, dance clothes, square dance sound; Love fishing, can send a set of good fishing rods and so on

Special recommendations for middle-aged and elderly people

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