What Do Women Around The Age Of 30 Buy? Elegant Women Must Buy List

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30 is a special age for women. It gradually fades and becomes mature. What items are necessary for 30-year-old women? Wear clothes with low color matching and a sense of design as much as possible to show refinement and elegance; In skin care, we should pay attention to sunscreen and oxidation resistance, and in makeup, we should focus on eye makeup and lip makeup to highlight temperament; Simple and generous gold and platinum jewelry with simple lines show the charm of mature women… Next, Xiaobian has checked the list of must buy for 30-year-old women, which is indispensable if you want to be an elegant woman

Clothing matching of shopping lists for women around the age of 30

women around the age of 30 are mature and full of femininity. Clothes with low-key and versatile colors and some sense of design can better reflect the delicate elegance of wearing, such as knee length French dress, or MIDI skirt with off the shoulder top, coupled with high heels, delicate and elegant. In the workplace, we should pay attention to the use of color and style details. Silk shirts, smart suits, suit pants and so on are all sharp tools in the workplace

Clothing list: silk skirt, silk shirt, professional women’s wear, suit, Hip Wrap Skirt, high heels Handbag

store recommendation

  • Vero Moda brand flagship store
  • only brand flagship store
  • Evely women’s clothing brand flagship store
  • taipingniao brand flagship store
  • leting women’s clothing brand flagship store

beauty personal care of women’s shopping list around the age of 30

women’s skin around the age of 30 has fine lines, crow’s feet, legal lines and other problems, Therefore, its skin care focuses on sunscreen and antioxidation. In addition to using sunscreen every day, you can also use face cream, eye cream, essence, etc. with antioxidant effect. Make up to highlight their temperament, deep eye makeup, plump lip color is the focus, so that the whole person is more charming

Beauty list: anti aging essence, face cream, anti fine line eye cream, facial mask, liquid foundation, eye shadow Lipstick

store recommendation

  • Estee Lauder’s self operated official flagship store
  • Chanel’s self operated official flagship store
  • Lancome’s self operated official flagship store
  • Dior Dior beauty self operated flagship store
  • L’Oreal’s self operated flagship store in Paris

jewelry accessories for shopping lists of women around the age of 30

women around the age of 30 are elegant and feminine, and can choose simple, generous and simple jewelry styles, It can reflect a unique intellectual beauty, mainly made of gold, platinum and other materials. If you love mature and charming style, you can choose ruby, sapphire and other gem jewelry to make you more bright and charming. It is best to wear jewelry in sets to make the whole more harmonious and temperament

Accessories list: gold jewelry, earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, diamonds

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  • Chow Tai Fook self operated flagship store
  • Chow Sang Seng self operated flagship store
  • Longines watch self operated flagship store
  • Liufu jewelry self operated flagship store
  • Chow Tai Fook self operated flagship store

health care for shopping lists of women around the age of 30

due to the need to manage their family and life, the physical condition of women around the age of 30 began to decline, especially in endocrine, You can take Wuji Baifeng pills, evening primrose oil and other physiological conditioning health products appropriately. In addition, massagers, foot baths and other health care equipment can help relieve physical fatigue at any time. At the same time, pay attention to a light diet to avoid increasing the burden on the intestines and stomach

Health care list: Ejiao, Wuji Baifeng pill, iron supplement, massage Essential Oil, massage pad, foot bath, probiotics, dietary fiber

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  • Tongrentang self operated flagship store
  • Thomson Beijian self operated flagship store
  • Yangshengtang self operated flagship store
  • Swisse overseas self operated flagship store
  • Dong’e Ejiao self operated brand flagship store

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